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  1. Tried to get in touch w/ you via PM but says your mailbox is full. I'm interested in one of your items.
  2. What's that liquid residue on the Magpul stock? Coke? Coffee? I'm interested but the stains look a little suspect
  3. Question regarding the MP5. Is the hand guard & silencer attached, or 2 separate pieces? Can you put up a pic w/ the hand guard & silencer detached?
  4. How are the straps configured in the back? Can you upload pics of the rig's current condition?
  5. lol when I saw the pictures the first thing I thought was this: Certainly not something we see everyday.
  6. Are the multicam pants size M or size L?
  7. While scouring the web for quality rechargeable CR123A & 18650 batteries for my lasers & flashlights, I keep seeing Ultrafire brand chargers and batteries, along with some no name made in China brands. Do any of you have any experience with Ultrafire or other brand chargers & batteries?
  8. What hepmet is the multicam cover for? PASGT or MICH?
  9. Red Wolf just got a shipment of TM G18C's in, so you're probably better off holding onto yours unless you're hurting for cash.
  10. I guess he's on vacation or something... he hasn't been around for over a month
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