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  1. It was a shop called airsoft buddy. I had a hard time with these people. I sent about a dozen emails and even contacted the Hong Kong PD. Still nothing. Paypal wouldnt cooperate either. Eventually I talked to my bank and they got me my $260 back. The one thing I don't understand, is why they wouldn't atleast reply to my emails. I'll never buy from them again...well, never attempt to buy from them.
  2. I ordered a rifle online and it was held up by customs for 2 months, until it was eventualy sent back to the sender. There were vltor and troy trades on it though. Im not sure if they were covered up, but on the shops website, it says that they do cover trades and add orange flash hiders etc... I'm officially afraid to order any guns from overseas now.
  3. pm'ed Got my Ris in today, looks awesome! Bump for great seller
  4. king9er


    Hey, guys! King here from SoCal. I've been playing for about three years with a team called Tango-5. We play in local games as well as large ops like Lion Claws and travel to Utah to play large ops with teams such as Black Ops Elite. I'm a father of 5 kids(18, 13, 8, 4, 2). My oldest plays with me and is apart of Tango-5 also. I currently have in my arsenal: UTG based Mk18 Mod1, CA EBB Troy & Magpul m15a4, G&G LaRue SBR, Cybergun Sig 556, AGM 416, Cybergun AK105, KJW P226 & WE 1911 Compact. Loadouts: PMC, Woodland, MultiCam I also sell tactical gear aeg's etc... Thanks for having me!
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