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  1. SEE PICS HERE http://imgur.com/a/whuv7 *Asking $280 shipped* -KWA SR7 upgraded with an SR10 rail (was $320) -Systema magnum motor (was $100) -AIM Sports 4x32mm Tri-Illuminated Scope with 3/4 Circle Reticle (was $100) -High Strength Helical gear set -AIM high speed piston -High seal ported piston head -Sniper length inner barrel at 6.01 tolerance -11.1v 2300 mAh lipo and charger (have 3 batts if interested) -Mock silencer for the extended inner barrel -I have tons of brand new KWA mid cap mags and hi cap mags if you're interested. -Also have a real steel Inforce rail mounted high lumen light if interested (was $100) Ask for a video I'll be happy to show you the performance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Beast of sporting toy, Normal field wear nothing major.*(Also names of product had to be adjusted to keep it on CL) *shoots just right at 400 fps due to the M110 spring ive put in it so it's legal for most outdoor fields. *You get a sling (mounts to sling mount on buffer tube) / And a bottle of 5000 Elite Force Precision 0.20g bbs. *Gun has insane rate of fire due to all the systema internal upgrades/ High speed high seal piston head and piston. *Ball bearing bushings due to the high rate of fire. *11.v 2300 mAh batter that fits the crane stock nicely. (DEANS CONNNECTOR but REGULAR BALANCE CHARGE CONNECTOR) *Also many different types of accessories and gear so ask about that!
  2. Rules: -No international shipping -NO trades -Only Paypal -For faster communication you can call me or txt at 714-900-1544 -I ship out same day! -Located in Anaheim, CA I'm also an eBay seller with 100% Positive rating Username: jvu93 First I have a AIM 3-12x50AE Illuminated Reticle Scope with 12 brightness levels. Very clear and has nice eye relief. $45 Intellect 9.6v 1200mAh Nunchuck small type battery $15 shipped 9.6v 1500 mAh Large nunchuck battery (small type connector) $12 shipped Intellect 8.4v 1600mAh Small type battery $15 shipped
  3. Bump, Anyone? This is a pretty decent price for a like new kwa!
  4. Will also throw in the intellect for free if any of the packages are bought
  5. Bump, Leapers Package reduced to $370, Aim reduced to $380
  6. Prices reduced! And Intellect nunchuck still available, buyer flaked.
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