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  1. GHK makes two categories of weapons, the AK's and the PDW's. The AK's originally had a bad magazine design. They've since then fixed that. They lack a full travel bolt, but are full steel and are reliable. The PDW's (G5 and KAC PDW) run extremely well, and are resilient to cooldown. The only problem I've had on my GHK KAC PDW was that the recoil was loosening all my screws. That's easily fixed by a little bit of blue locktite. Now, all of GHK's guns have replacement parts available, through WGCShop.com and Samoon. So you're covered if anything breaks. I had to replace my stock latch that the previous owner broke, but that's it from over a year of use. I love my GHK PDW. What exactly have you heard that''s bad?
  2. Renegadecow, first I'd like to say that I'm a big fan. I always see you writing about your revolvers and they seem amazing! I'd love to own one myself, but I'm not sure which ones have the proper balance between skirmishability and durability. Seeing as you have first-hand experience with at least a couple what would you recommend, and which is your personal favorite? Also, for said revolver, what kind of range are we talking about, and how efficient is it on gas? Thanks for all your support here and on Arnie's!
  3. Welcome! You'll find that most airsoft guns shoot 6mm BB's. Generally, I've only seen 4.5mm shooters referred to BB guns or Pellet guns. The KJW M9 definitely shoots 6mm BB's.
  4. Shorter model, but cheaper, with free shipping too! http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-BI-74U-RK01.htm
  5. No, not at all. The m240b gearbox has a detachable spring guide. You don't need to keep the spring under tension while painstaking making sure everything stays in place. The m240b gearbox has a detachable motor cage. You don't need to install the pistol grip to test the gearbox. These are two of my largest gripes with the v2 gearboxes.
  6. I hate V2 gearboxes because they're a PITA to tune and re-assemble.
  7. Nobody has one yet. Wait until they've been out for a couple of months so that any flaws can be assessed.
  8. Well. It works. PolarStar is a simple solenoid based system, no loud parts. Much like gas NBB's, they can be "supressed" as the majority of vthe sound comes from the air rushing down the barrel. Although any unlicensed device which can lower the report of a firearm is illegal here in the U.S.vv
  9. "Criteria of fps"? You're killing me here. What exactly would be your "criteria"? It's definitely high enough for anything but Really Cool-sniping... Also. "Not really looking to do much internally". This is the opposite of what any GBBR's need. Cleaning and lubrication are both necessities. Most GBBR's also need internal upgrades to function reliably. This is why I recommend the GHK G5/PDW. They don't need any internal upgrades, and both function with low maintenance. The KWA MP7 also fits the bill, but there have been reports of lower receivers cracking on Arnie's.
  10. Those are trademarks, but they're not licensed by FNH. For recommendations...Hmmm. My two GBBR go to recommendations are the WE M4 and the GHK G5/PDW. I just wrote a post about the GHK PDW here.
  11. The hopup chamber of the Masada is not a very good design. You'd have to design something else. The thing is that you're stuck in a gap between cheaper guns and nicer, more expensive guns.
  12. First thing you may want to get down is your terminology. I'm assuming you're using "OB" as "Open Bolt". The original use of this term is to describe the position of the bolt in the firing sequence of a firearm. In a closed bolt system, the bolt is in the forwards position when the gun fires. This means that a round is in the chamber, and pulling the trigger releases the hammer which hits the firing pin, sticking the primer of the bullet. The bolt then proceeds to recoil backwards, eject the spent casing, reset forwards and load a new bullet. An open bolt system has the bolt in the rearwards position. The chamber is initially empty. Pulling the trigger allows the bolt to move forwards, chambering a round, and firing the bullet. The recoil of the bullet allows the bolt to reset itself, ready to shoot again. Now, for airsoft, WE coined the term "Open Bolt" and "Closed Bolt" to refer to their line of Gas-Blowback rifles. The earlier attempts featured a brass tube in the middle of the chamber (they called it "realistic" because it was the same color as a bullet..). Eventually, they redesigned their rifles to be more like Marui pistols. The chamber was free of the brass tube, and they called it "Open Bolt". The firing mechanism was technically a closed bolt system, but the chamber was literally open. Hence, WE OB system. The KWA you're looking at is not an OB system. Sorry for the rant. But on to your original question. KWA MP7. Cheaper. Easy (enough) to find. Licensed, but it has an ugly paragraph of text. Good enough gas efficiency to reliably mag dump. Not much felt recoil. No CO2 magazines. Uses the KWA/KSC ball type hopup system which is inferior to Marui's. Small gun, replacement parts are generally easy to get (KWA Pro-Shop). "Sling Mounts" are odd, merely little holes (Many users attach keyrings to these). The barrel doesn't have normal 14mm threading. WE SCAR. More expensive. A bit more rare. Unlicensed, so many stores no longer carry it. Gas efficiency is iffy, can't always mag dump. More felt recoil. CO2 magazines available. Uses the Marui type hopup (VSR Rubbers) which works well. Larger rifle, replacement parts are available (Trigger packs, barrels, rubbers, stock folding part). Heavy rifle. Has normal 14mm threading. I may think of more later.
  13. Did you read my part here? I don't exactly recommend this gun...
  14. 2013 model is the same. Has white trades though. I used a teammates' G5 magazine in my non-2013 PDW and it worked fine. I'm fairly certain there's no real difference. If you're buying CO2 magazines, check out the RA-Tech Steel Bolt. Not that the stock one will wear out, but there's a video on YouTube of some guy firing the PDW on CO2 with the Steel bolt. I drooled. Also. If you want to get the gun, I suggest investing in a tube of blue Locktite. Use it on any screws you see, particularly the two locking down the barrel, as they tend to slowly loosen from the insane recoil. This is the cause of the "wobbly barrel" people often complain about. Mine's been solid for a year or so with only one application.
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