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  1. BUMP. Still looking for tan mid caps. KWA M9 PTP mags too. Offer up fellas. And thanks for the interest for the people who have.
  2. Anyone have a G&G charging plate/bolt for sale? I broke mine. It looks like this:
  3. Where in the Bay Area are you located? I saw your ad on CL. I might be interested in the green gas. And I can't tell from the pics, but do you have any tan m4 mags besides the Magpul one?
  4. Damn this is a good deal. Already have a F2000 though. GLWS.
  5. PMed. Also, really interested in finding/trading the items listed in my trade lists. Offer up fellas.
  6. Hello, Got some Airsoft guns and accessories that I would like to sell. I only take paypal. Please contact me through PM if interested. Prices are all obo, but when firm is noted I won't deviate far from my asking price. Trades: Tan Eotech 551 (or a 552 to a lesser extent) replica. Tan m4 mid caps Tan Magpul MOE fore grip KWA PTP M9 working magazines. Let me know if you are interested in trading if you have any of these items, we can work something out. I don't know why pics are orientated wrong. They are correct within photobucket. Brand New CYMA Black EBR, comes with 2 brand new metal mid caps: This thing is brand new, never been fired or fielded. I was going to make a DMR out of it, but decided to make my F2000 my DMR project. The scope does not come with the gun, just decided to include pics of it to show off how it can look. The gun comes with 2 brand new un-opened CYMA metal mid caps. Gun will ship with orange tip on, but can easily be removed. I cycled the gun a couple times, so it works and shoots air. 270 shipped firm. Classic Army Proline MK16/Scar-L: Not much to say about this gun. It rocks. Nothing wrong with it. There a some little scratches on the gun(primarily the barrel) but hardly noticeable. Comes with a Classic Army high cap. 200 shipped firm. KWA MP7: This is an awesome little gun. Was an impulse buy and need to consolidate my collection. Otherwise I would keep it. Comes with Magpul PTS Mbus f/r sights and one magazine. Orange tip is a little scratched up. 170 shipped firm. KWA/KSC M11a1 non-NS2: This is another awesome little gun. I hardly use it anymore, just have too many guns. Comes with 3 magazines. 120 shipped firm. Madbull M203 Launcher: SOLD PENDING SHIPPING ON MY END Came on a gun I bought. Don't really need it. The shell does not work. 50 shipped obo. Gemtech Suppresor, 14 mm CCW: SOLD It has some scratches and a little dent on one side. 15 shipped obo. Various: Classic Army long flash hider: 10 shipped KWA LE Stock: obo KWA hand guards with rail attachments: 12 shipped Thanks for looking!
  7. As the title says I am looking for TAN m4 mid cap magazines in working order that have not been user/buyer painted. They can be plastic or metal. Just let me know what you have such as capacity. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any spare rail risers? Let me know what you have(like length and how high the rise is) and price. If you have pics that would be cool too. I am looking for lighter weight/smaller ones if possible. But let me know what you have regardless. Thanks.
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