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  1. Very interested, I'll contact you soon. Edit: If I give you my email, will you send me a few more pictures and a firing video?
  2. How long would it take and how much would it cost for you to get me a Lil Fella?
  3. I'm in my Freshman year at Johns Hopkins, double majoring in Economics and Spanish, minoring in Financial Economics.
  4. I'm going to recommend you keep looking. There are millions of forums out there specifically related to this topic. Try the PolarStar Talk forum and the Polarstar Owners facebook page. That reg you listed is SLP. Do you know what that means? There are threads on those forums explaining that. The tank you listed is HPA. Do you know what that means? Again, tons of threads explaining that. I don't believe you searched very thoroughly, and no one here really wants to spoon-feed you easily searchable information. Keep looking. Side note, if you put that reg on that tank, you'll break one or both items.
  5. Your question also depends on your battery. An 8.4v NiMh won't pull that spring, not enough amps. A 7.4v 15C lipo won't do it either. It's gotta be a high discharge battery.
  6. My field doesn't let you put box mags on AEG assault rifles. "LMG"s, as in guns that are actually used as LMGs in real life, get a 50 FPS higher limit and can use box mags/hicaps, but AEG assault rifles are 50 FPS lower and restricted to midcaps. Most ops run similarly.
  7. I like options. 99% of the time I play semi-only, using only enough shots to get the kill. I shoot usually 3 quick shots, two hit, and I move on. Sometimes though, this isn't feasible. It's airsoft. Over 250 feet, windy days, thick brush, anything small like that and now I'm either not hitting the guy, or he isn't feeling it. That's where ROF comes in. When I'm having trouble due to factors outside my control, I flip the switch and use auto. Currently my Thompson has a Merf 3.2 MOSFET that allows it 3 round burst, and it's auto setting is about 29 RPS. I shoot semi only until that becomes impossible, then use burst to triple my ROF, thereby getting the kill through volume of fire. To be clear, I use semi 99% of the time. I use midcaps only. I never shoot auto in buildings, and I never just hose through a window until they call it. In those cases, semi works just as good. However, in the above mentioned conditions (extreme range, wind, etc.), the nature of our projectiles necessitates more firepower, and that is where ROF comes in. To justify this increase in power, a SIGNIFICANT change in ROF is needed. I can ramp my trigger at 10 RPS, so a 15 RPS full auto does nothing different. It's gotta be around 30 for the change to be tangible. Because of this (not to mention the benefits of wonderful trigger response that higher ROFs provide), I build my guns to shoot at least 30 RPS, then keep them in semi until that is needed.
  8. I prefer semi. It doesn't have the inconsistency of auto, it's quieter, and can suppress just as well.
  9. I actually run my belt loadout for either rifle, so just imagine Thompson mags in the Taco pouches over ATACS AU and that's me haha
  10. Any other comments? Anybody?
  11. I actually have the shoulder pads in my cart right now! I thought about the cumberbund, but since I do like the belt and often run it solo, I'd rather keep a few things on the belt, and I've got it cinched fairly well. Could always be better though... I'll run a few more games with how it is now and see how I feel. I actually set the whole thing up so I wouldn't need a buddy to help me with anything, since I sometimes wander off by myself haha. The way I run my setup is I reload off the vest first, from the left side. In quiet moments, I move mags from the right to the left. Those empty mags go in the woodland pouch seen on the back. Once those 12 mags are gone, I take the 'Satch off and leave it at the spawn or by the car, take the Removable Operator Pack off of that, and run just the belt and pack. I then reload from the left side of the belt, and in quiet moments refill my Tacos with mags from the back of the pack. The belt has its own dump pouch. That way I kinda have two loadouts in one, one heavier with more mags that I can dump when I've used those mags, and then the lighter belt setup.
  12. I've been airsofting for a few years now, been on ASM and ASF for a while, just never posted my gear. It's changed a lot over the years, but here is what I'm currently running, and I'm pretty happy with it. Let me know what ya think! -King Arms Thompson ---- 325 +/- 1 FPS (yes, that consistent), ~29 RPS with the 30C lipo, crazy awesome trigger response (used always in semi); confirmed hits at 265 feet (measured with a laser range finder) using .30g BBs. Upgrades: -Madbull 300mm 6.03 tightbore, Prometheus Flat Hop bucking, Prometheus Flat Hop nub, SHS high torque motor, Steel bushings, Systema M100 spring, Deans connectors/compression fixes, stock hollowed out to hold both batteries at once. -5 King Arms midcaps, 500 round drum mag -Turnigy 1600 mah 30C lipo, Turnigy 2200 mah 20C lipo This was my first nice AEG, the one I learned to tech on, it's my baby. Externals: G&P body G&P Sniper stock w/ QD sling mount & adjustable L.O.P. G&P Sniper grip DD 4" barrel and rail Noveske amplifier ACM flip up sights Sightmark Red dot 5KU QD foregrip Internals: Madbull 155mm 6.03 tightbore IR-Hop M-nub Waiting for a P* engine Gonna P* this thing and make a CQB monster! This is my belt set up. I ran a similar setup for my Thompson for forever before configuring it more for the M4. I sometimes run it solo, and I dump my PC once it's empty, so that's why my belt has so much on it. Conderp belt, had it for years and still works great. Has 4 HSGI Double Decker Tacos, a radio pouch, dump pouch for anything on the belt, gadget pouch for my phone and "bandages" for games, SERPA mount so I can run the rig solo. I have 4 rifle and 4 pistol mags on the belt, all rifle mags are midcaps, 3 pistol mags are 30+1, 1 is 50+1. The pistol is a KJW Hicapa 1911, with a 9ball bucking, TK Twist barrel, and 150% recoil kit. Kicks hard, decent gas consumption, hits at 150 feet. Not bad for a pistol. My gear is designed so I can run any part of it solo, or in tandem with the other parts. Hence the separate dump pouches and SERPA mounts. This is a fairly new addition. Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack. It now has an extra canteen pouch on the other side for more mags or water, whichever I want more that day. BFG Triple 10 Speed, 2 Canteen pouches, one has my canteen and one holds 3 M4 mags. Central pocket holds spare water, tools, etc., and will hold my air tanks for the P* when I get it. Mounts to the back of my Wasatch with buckles, so I can put it on or take it off in about 4 seconds. Holds a lot while still being light, doesn't sag under weight. Crazy useful. This is my PC, HSGI Weesatch, picked it up for $75 from a soldier after his deployment. Simple, effective. 6 double integrated pouches let me hold 12 M4 midcaps without adding anything. Fits mostly comfortably, though it's a bit big (I'm 5'8", 145 Lb) and when all 12 mags are in the front bulges to the side a bit. Super light and handy though. SERPA MOLLE mount on the chest so I can run the rig solo, or more efficiently with the belt. Surplus butt pouch on back acts as a dump pouch for all 12 mags, pretty spacious. A full loadout has 12 mags on this, 4 on the belt with 4 pistol mags, and 6 on/in the backpack, for a total of 22 rifle mags (2200 rounds) and 4 pistol mags (150 rounds). Why so many? I load my mags at home in the morning before I go to the field, and don't bring ANY speedloaders or ammo, save a 300 spare rounds for the pistol mags. I don't reload all day. Empty mags are removed from the dump pouch at the end of a round and put in the loadout bag. I typically don't use 2200 rifle rounds in 8 hours, more like 1500, but it helps to have extra for my teammates if we get in a pinch, and 2200 is great for a 16 hour OP. And all my crap goes in here. Every airsoft thing I own can fit in here pretty much. Sandpiper Of California Wheeled Loadout Bag (XL) HUGE, Literally holds every other thing I have with room to spare, including BDUs, boots, all 3 guns, Wasatch, Backpack, belt, etc. Awesome to carry all my stuff to games. Aside from this, I wear Emerson ATACS AU BDUs, Panama sole GI boots, and a Propper ATACS boonie with my dead rag in a pouch on the back. My radios are Midland, and I use a hand mic. My goggles are Guarder GX1000's with MoonDog no fog spray. I shoot Goldenball Bio .30s in all my guns, including pistol, and I use propane for the pistol. Soon I'll be getting some mechanix gloves, Rothco zippered boots (mine are a PAIN to lace), and Road Hog II goggles (the Guarders are great, but kind bulky). After that, my loadout is done. I'm probably gonna P* the M4 by April, then I'll be set for a good while. Well, I guess that's it. Tell me what ya think!
  13. My squad wears ATACS AU, teams at the local field are broken up by green/tan camo patterns. Challenge for my squad is "In the club", response is " everybody". Team challenge is "Tan Tan!" If you're on tan, and the other person sticks their hand up/out from cover. My squad also uses radios with hand mics, so if we get far apart it's ok. At night things are just weird, my squad just stays together and quiet and tries to get as far from our own team as possible.
  14. "And I'll sell it all for $100 shipped" Deal! I'll take it! :P
  15. G&P comes with positive threads. I just set up a G&P to drop a P* engine into, best decision ever. It feels SOLID. If you can solder, change your connectors to normal deans, not mini, and get a 7.4v lipo from HobbyKing that'll fit in the buffer tube. Hell, with HobbyKing's prices, get three.
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