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    Jax, Florida
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    Women, alcohol, cars, Airsoft, in that order :)

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    Classic Army P-90 (converted to accept M4 mags), JG G36 (MG36 Conversion), UTG M3 cqb shotgun, A&K M4 Commando RIS, JG M4 S-System, KWA USP, KSC G18c

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My name is Steve. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and have been here ever since. I got into airsofting around 18, when I was helping my friend out with a movie he was making. He owns a production company, and the film he was directing involved using guns, which happened to be airsoft guns. Now up until this point, I had a very faint idea of what "airsoft" was. It piqued my interest, so he brought me out to play one weekend. I was hooked. Fast forward to today, and I've spent way too much money on it, but don't regret it for one second. :)

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