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  1. I want .40 or higher gram bbs. any brand, must be cheap
  2. I got a speed G&G gearbox for sale 60 shipped with SHS Speed motor
  3. I got a WE hicapa dragon xcelorator (short version) with two green gas mags and a co2 mag, no leaks everything works fine except for the dove tail saftey which doesnt effect performance. I want to trade it for an AEG (anything other than a m4, g36, ak, and m14 take the spot light) pm me with offers
  4. ok, I got a WE Dragon 5.1 with three non leaky mags, one of them is Co2, this guy wants me to trade him for a Army R17 with the chrome slide and one leaky mag. Sounds like a bad trade to me. Opinions?
  5. Ok, so I have searched the forum and there isn't really anything solid, and I figure since the gun has been out longer there are better reviews by now. Here is a break down of my current set up. I have the stock sear set/trigger, E1 upgrade kit, PDI hopup chamber, madbull 6.03, and madbull red shark bucking. I am getting about 250-275 feet before the wind picks up the bb and sends it to the left/right depending. I am using .32's right now. I would like to put a M150 in the gun so I can use .40 gram bbs. Will the stock sear set handle a M150 for a long period of time? If not will this sear work (from experience only on this sear because the picture looks a little different than my sear)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Welcome in the first of the many M4 style rifles! This is a G&G Combat machine with a lots of goodies inside and out! EXTERNALS LIST: On the outside is a VLTOR club stock Legit Zombat front end Magpul PTS AFG Tango down pistol grip painted black to match the paint scheme Magpul PTS MBUS flip sights (front is tan, rear is black to match the color scheme) Shorty Pmag INTERNALS: Not much on the inside, but I re-shimmed, streched the O-ring, teflon taped the cylinder head, and added deans plugs. The battery is an 11.1v buffer tube lipo (I know I should use a mosfet, I am in the process of putting it in A tight bore barrel SPECS: 330 FPS +-1fps Range 150 feet RPS on lipo ~25 More to come later
  7. option 2, but leave the body black. My personal rule on painting a two tone color is don't let a tan touch a tan or a black touch a black, IE body painted black then the grip, stock and rail system painted tan, then any thing on the rail system should be black with any silencers also being black. makes for a very cool look.
  8. Do I have to buy KWA mags? or will any single stack 1911 mags work?
  9. I have two WA gas pmags, one needs a new oring kit, they are fine other than that. I would like to TRADE these for a magpul handguard, laser pointer with mount and pressure pad, and a lipo charger or any mix of these or other parts you would be willing to part with for a M4 AEG. Thanks!
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