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  1. Ok, so I have searched the forum and there isn't really anything solid, and I figure since the gun has been out longer there are better reviews by now. Here is a break down of my current set up. I have the stock sear set/trigger, E1 upgrade kit, PDI hopup chamber, madbull 6.03, and madbull red shark bucking. I am getting about 250-275 feet before the wind picks up the bb and sends it to the left/right depending. I am using .32's right now. I would like to put a M150 in the gun so I can use .40 gram bbs. Will the stock sear set handle a M150 for a long period of time? If not will this sear work (from experience only on this sear because the picture looks a little different than my sear)? Thanks in advance!

  2. Welcome in the first of the many M4 style rifles! This is a G&G Combat machine with a lots of goodies inside and out!







    On the outside is a VLTOR club stock

    Legit Zombat front end

    Magpul PTS AFG

    Tango down pistol grip painted black to match the paint scheme

    Magpul PTS MBUS flip sights (front is tan, rear is black to match the color scheme)

    Shorty Pmag



    Not much on the inside, but I re-shimmed, streched the O-ring, teflon taped the cylinder head, and added deans plugs.

    The battery is an 11.1v buffer tube lipo (I know I should use a mosfet, I am in the process of putting it in

    A tight bore barrel




    330 FPS +-1fps

    Range 150 feet

    RPS on lipo ~25


    More to come later :a-cool:

  3. I have two WA gas pmags, one needs a new oring kit, they are fine other than that. I would like to TRADE these for a magpul handguard, laser pointer with mount and pressure pad, and a lipo charger or any mix of these or other parts you would be willing to part with for a M4 AEG. Thanks!


    sorta early bump

  4. Time to just vote this De Leon guy out of office. Start spreading the word to all your friends, relatives, lovers, etc.... Vote for anyone, just not this guy for California senate. He's one of those that just won't stop harassing the airsoft community.


    Maybe we need a sticky on a list of Representatives and senators that support these stupid bills and laws, then we can all vote against them during the elections. These people don't listen unless their re-election is at stake.



    this sounds like a great idea

  5. The first two teeth from the sector and piston? Ah noo... don't listen to that. I think he meant the second tooth. No way would you ever remove the first tooth off a piston. And second it is not necessary to remove any teeth from the sector.


    Edit: If you are planning to correct AOE, it is the second tooth. I don't know why we would count the front of the piston's teeth as 1. Gear contact is 1. He must be mean short stroking and that would be the last 2 teeth in contact. Less work is the last 2 teeth off the sector.



    ummmmmm, your wrong, read through this,



    and that is a pinned thread...


  6. A real competitive scene, guns that are reliable enough to be fired constantly for thousands of rounds and don't need any upgrades out of the box, more fields (at least for me), the whole 'you can visibly confirm a hit' thing, no batteries to charge, and HPA is included in infinite supply with entry at almost every field (because only pistoleros and stock classers use co2 anymore).


    Also, the accuracy and range of paintball guns are fairly uniform, meaning that it is very difficult to win just by having a better gun. That's an interesting quirk I like about paintball: the best players there are just as likely to have the worst gun as the best.


    In the end, the decision has to come from you and you alone.



    well this is all true, but with the "infinite supply with entry" also comes a $30 entry fee (at least at my local field) plus ammo. thats like a $70 day... My local airsoft field is $10 entry, $15 ammo, so thats a $35 day. even the most expensive airsoft place in my area is only $25 entry.

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