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  1. thats cool. because I love the look of the dragonfire
  2. yea its a echo 1 m16 but it think I have a CA metal body. I put it on but bought it used on here and I'm not sure of the brand. but the only markings on the body are a CA with two line threw the A, so I think its CA.
  3. ok, to begin with, I know that there is a sea of these out there but oh well! SO I am making a DMR (also cliche but bear with me) I have been trying to upgrade for a while and finally want to put it to rest. Now I want it wire to a PEQ so I can keep my cool stocks so I need a good wire set WITH trigger contacts. I was thinking of a SHS high Torgue motor to pull a m130 on stock jg/echo1 gears. I also want to go to lipo batteries. I want to replace my handgaurds with RIS and want the madbull dragonfire 12.5, will the delta ring on the dragonfires allow front wire? if not can I dremel it? also I think I need a new piston head, any tips? thanks!
  4. I could, but my shimming is screwed up, and I need to rewire it and really don't want to. also its a V2, also wouldn't mind a ICS split gearbox.
  5. I have a gearbox with two different springs (120 and 110), a ball bearing metal spring guide, azimuth blue full rack piston, metal bushings, jg shell (great shell, very hard), jg gears (also very hard), and stock ported piston head, cylinder, and cylinder head, and new tappet plate and selector plate. All it needs is new wiring (I think, I have to open it up but I won't have time till sunday) and the bevel gear is a little worn but still very usable. It will come with two motors, a Classic Army High Torgue, and a Stock JG motor. I am not interested in selling but would like to trade for a m130 FULLING WORKING gearbox with a motor strong enough to pull it. BTW this is all for a M16 DMR build. Thanks!
  6. GL with internet, mine goes out every couple of weeks for like 3 days so I know how you feel.
  7. pull the motor out of the mp5 (easiest to do in my mind) and attach the wires to the motor and see if the motor spins. if it does then it just doesn't have the power to pull the spring, if it doesn't, then hell if I know
  8. so rude when you don't say what you want.
  9. I took a look at the p90 on the site just for kicks and it was a WELL p90 and they claimed that it had a impressive 400 rounds a minute. that made me want to buy it so bad!! lol
  10. I am thinking about getting it and I was wondering if any of you have this rail system and what you think of it. BTW I will be taking off the front sight for good.
  11. I play back yard but I live in the middle of freaking no where so it is like playing field and everybody knows what we are doing before we play so if your safe about backyard it is a great way to play when there aren't many real fields around (my prob)
  12. Preferably upgraded. not looking to spend much.
  13. also I have a 9.6 1400 mah buttery battery that I have to use a adapter for to use the small tamiyas because my gun has large tamiyas
  14. so just wondering, I am probably going for the shs motor anyway but could my CA in theory pull a m130?
  15. To begin with I currently have a CA High torgue in my m16 and I tried pulling a m120 and it would happen for what ever reason, but it pulls my stock spring just fine. So I was wondering if it could be my shim job or my gears (stock echo1). Also if it is my shim job would the motor pull a m130 on that gear set? also if not I know a SHS high torgue would pull a m130 spring put would it pull it on my gear set? any tips? thanks!
  16. Sounds to me like Raine went and spent all the $50 and is now broke and having someone try to get their money back. So I think the money should be refunded but I don't think it will happen.
  17. also I was in my messenger and noticed that you can track a message, interesting... one truth in a sea of lies....
  18. I think bismark should be banned, some people might think that I am being to hard or immature but this person has scammed before (he admitted it) and was trying to scam muntjac. He also lied about his living area. I think being banned is to easy on him honestly. Just my 2 cents.
  19. Bump because I have spent 80 through this guy and havn't regreted a penny of it!
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