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  1. Just thought that I would help this guy out even though I have no steak in this business at all, just go HERE and it should explain everything about this guy. Just thought I would help him out
  2. Like the title says, I know someone one here has them I just can't find the post. Thanks!
  3. ok so I have a magpul MIAD m4/16 grip and the motor plate seems to push up on the wires shoving the motor to high into the gb and making it so the gb won't cycle. Would it be a good idea to shave the walls? the red line is where I want to cut to, make it even with the set screw so that the screw actually has a influence on the height, is this a good idea? the motor is pretty secure in the grip so I don't think that it will wiggle at all.
  4. ok, I will try reshimming, it might be to tight. Thanks everybody for the great ideas! I will keep you updated although it might be next saturday.
  5. I attach the grip to the gb (no body) and try to fire it with the battery and fuse connected. and yes the motor is turning and no the gb doesnt cycle. the piston moves a hair every time you pull the trigger but only in the first milasecond, no matter how long you hold the trigger nothing happens except the before mentioned.
  6. ok so I have been trying to get my gb to work for about 2-3 months now, it is the stock spring and the stock motor and a ca high torgue motor that I am using (please no comments on the ca) and I orginally opened the gb to put in a m120 and some upgrade parts, I have upgraded the spring guide, piston (blue azimuth), and gave up on the spring. I think the shimming is fine but when I tried to make the gun fire today after more gb work, it still wouldnt fire, so I adjusted the motor highth and that didnt work. but when I was unpluging everything, the wires were hot along with the motor and a 9.6v 1400 mah butterfly battery. any tips? (btw its a echo 1 m16)
  7. Like the title says, PEQ box with a 9.6v battery, and a 14mm CCW flashhider that would look beasty on a AK-47, please keep it cheap because this is a christmas present for my bro and need to buy other christmas presents has well. I have a few things I would be willing to trade. Check my sig. Thanks!
  8. Like the topic says, any brand, cheap, 75 round preferred, black, fake bullets showing would be a plus. Also looking for a PEQ box with 9.6v battery in it.
  9. take your upper receiver off and fire the gun with no mag in it and see if the air nozzle is even moving, then if its not, make sure your tappet plate spring is on, and if it is, I know it sounds stupid but make sure that your sector gear has the little catch on the side that pulls back the tappet plate.
  10. bump for a funny sig, sadly my parents don't even approve of my airsofting, constant nagging on how much I spend! lol
  11. ok, $10 and under preferably, not standard M4, maybe a SCAR, G36, Shark, Zombie Killer, Flaming hog, something in that area, silencers also wanted, around the same price.
  12. which do you thinks fits into the environment more, realtree (brand) camo, or the digital crap that only fits in on a floral couch (look it up).
  13. Hey I'm a conservative redneck and proud, so what if a whole bunch of rednecks play, that borders racism if you ask me.
  14. the holes in the front of the piston head allow air into the piston head which expands the oring, making your seal better, but it seems that you have fixed your problem but I would be careful that the tape doesn't come off and screw up your gearbox
  15. Hi all airsofters in NC! I am starting a team in the Fayetteville/Dunn area call the Renegade Patrol! if you are interested in joining go to my forum at http://renegadepatrolairsoft.freeforums.org/index.php! The site is still under construction so check in daily for updates!
  16. I'll try that maybe, I think I have it shimmed ok (maybe not) but I'm definatly going to brush up with some vids! thanks for all the help guys!
  17. metal washers from lowes with the hole drilled out a little
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