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  1. The motor spins when now in the gun, and the gears do spin with no spring
  2. I just want to make to things clear, I never actually threw the gun at the wall, I just felt like it. Also, I was not begging for parts, I wanted to pay for them. I don't plan on trashing the grip (I super glued the plate back together). and also I have been working on this project for 3 months with nothing but stop lights and broken parts. If you guys have any tips on stopping the broken parts that would be gratefully appreciated. I also aquired the parts fyi. I would like to say I am sorry for the small rank, this was just the last straw in my bail.
  3. ok so I bought a CA high torgue to pull my m120, it's advertised to do the job so I figured I'd be good. well when I put it in my gun to get it going it didn't pull it back! so after throwing my gun at the wall, I opened up the gearbox and found a broken tappet plate!!!!!!!!! but I didn't hear and gears moving but it could have been blocked up by the broken tappet plate. I also bought a used magpul MIAD grip and it arrived with a broken heat sink and frozen set screw (not in the describtion... {stay away from "aweekendbidder" on ebay})!!!! I also broke my selector plate a few days ago! I have a selector plate on the way, but if you have any of the other parts it would be nice to get a pm from you! but also need to know if the motor will work with the spring. also could use some shims. thanks!
  4. dude I would get a crosman trishot for a few dollars more, much better
  5. The p9 also comes in black, I know because I have the black one and the camo one.
  6. I usally walk away to for about a week. The latest problem with my gun is the damn selector plate... I need a metal one if anyone has one CHEAP...
  7. I am working on a m16 DMR and am about to throw it at the wall because when I fix a problem (or think I fixed it) it either breaks again or a new part breaks!!!! don't need help but JEEZE!!! how about you guys?
  8. free bump for having the same scabbard has I do! only I use mine has a leg hoslter and it is like the side arm from hell!
  9. Ever wonder how people get the anime gun in there sig like mine? just go to This web site and click play and make your own! its completely free and fun!
  10. I know, I'm not trying to sell it, five dollars for shipping. it will cost me about 3 to ship it then 2 in gas bc I live in the sticks
  11. All through the 1980's! pm me for more details!
  12. Just a cheap spring from a cheap single shot shoty and thought I'd put it up here for you guys. 5 shipped. BTW the M120 spring (bronze one) is NOT for sale. It is just there has a ruler for lack of better words.
  13. think about, there are a bunch of twelve year olds and parents of 6-12 year olds who play airsoft.
  14. I have a plastic m16 a2 upper reciever. I pm'd you btw
  15. I have for sale two turbo twist hand held consoles with two cartridges each. I have a spelling and a math system grades 1-6. $15 shipped a system or $25 shipped for both.
  16. got the grip still need the motor, $15-20 ICS3000 turbo or TM EG1000 or equivalent. thanks!
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