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  1. I used to play a lot of woodsball and now I play woodssoft! but the only real reason I actually quit PB for the most was AS is MUCH cheaper. also the guns are cooler. But the reason that your friend might not be able to play is parents, it took me 3 solid years to talk my parents into AS because its a bb not a ball. My parent were afraid of ppl losing an eye.
  2. one of the greatest members of the community... gone
  3. all I need is a new m16 grip with motor plate, selector plate, and m16 triangle front sight. I have a m120 spring that has never been used and a 5 in handguard ris that I would be willing to trade for these parts. I also have a college football (2010?) ps3 game in mint condition for trade. pm me with details.
  4. Ok so I have been working off and on for four weeks on my m16, trying to put a better spring in it but that just didnt work so I put the old spring back in and now it shoots great. My problem now is that it veers of to the right really bad at about fifty feet out, is this a hop up problem? and also my mag doesnt like to stay in and it wiggles out after fifty or so shots. Now I did replace the twist on mag release with a screw on mag release when I put my metal body on, which I did at the same time has the other upgrades. Any tips?
  5. to answer the battery question, its a 9.6 1600 mah
  6. any one recogmend a good motor to pull back a m120 spring thats fairly cheap? the rof only needs to be about 20bps. thanks!
  7. I wish you would leave it, I am currently working on my eagle project so I don't have time to go door to door. And thank you!
  8. My Troop is looking to go to Philmont and it costs alot of money. So to pay for it we are selling popcorn. Philmont is a high adventure camp for only the most advanced scouts. It consists of a large amount of desert and mountainous terrain! I earn a third of each purchase and it all goes towards Philmont! So please follow the link and pick out what you would like purchase and when you go to check out look in the top right corner and it will say that you are currently supporting no one. Simply click it and put in my scout ID number and I earn credit for the sales! The money doesn't just go to me, it goes to scouting nationwide! So please help me and other scouts across the nation and please buy some popcorn! The address is http://www.trails-end.com/estore/home_alt....requestid=62609 and my scout ID is 15721769. And once again thank you so much for your Donation! Mike Dammer
  9. I need a full metal tooth with full metal rail poly carb piston for a v2 gearbox. pm me with offers. I have a handguard rail segment that I would be willing to trade
  10. ok so my metal body for my echo 1 m16a2 is arriving in like a day or two and I started taking the motor out today and it wont budge! any tips?
  11. don't need the body any more, but I need a metal m4 hop up seriously bad
  12. also would like a vn style heat shield it would be awesome if it came with a m203
  13. maybe but he rlly likes the "gangster" look, how much were u thinking?
  14. maybe but he rlly likes the "gangster" look, how much were u thinking?
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