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  1. Airsoftkid295

    bad bbs

    maybe, idk, ive found a website the offers usps shipping which is much cheaper.
  2. Airsoftkid295

    bad bbs

    ouch, yea im never buying from them again
  3. Airsoftkid295

    bad bbs

    thanks bc my brother just got a brand new jg ak 47s and was running crosmans through it and after 200 round it started grinding, so we called airsoftgi (were he bought it) and they said we stripped the piston and it voided the warrenty
  4. Airsoftkid295

    bad bbs

    how do bad bbs strip a piston, like what is so different between crosman and say tm or goldenball that it will strip your piston?
  5. yep im afraid thats what im going to have to do
  6. I just bought a JG AK-47S RIS Airsoft Gun from airsoft gi and I fired less then 200 rounds and the piston stripped. Granted I was shooting crosmans but it shouldn't have happened so quickly. They say that won't take it back and that we r basically SOL, I filed a report today and am waiting to hear back. Now I don't want to hear a bunch of bull crap about crosmans, or how im screwed. Just ideas please. Thanks!
  7. I already pm'd on the shotgun sorry dude
  8. well I have a pistol grip trishot and I just put my scabard on my hip so its kinda like the side arm from hell
  9. ok thanks! that saves me a ton
  10. ok, I have limited funds and a Echo 1 M16 A2 with the whole metal gb and all, I was wondering if I could put crosmans threw it, I don't have a tight bore barrel or anything like that. Please non of the "Crosmans suck" bc I kno they do, I just want to kno if they will screw up my gun, accuaracy isn't a prob.
  11. No I can't but I figured out a way any how. Thanks anyway!
  12. Ok I just bought a Echo 1 M16A2 and of course it has a handguard instead of a RIS system. I also have some RIS segments that I bought to screw on but the holes are smaller then the handguard holes. any tips?
  13. I don;t need a whole new hop up at this time but if some one just has a extra spring they could throw in a envolope that would be awesome, and my triangle sight broke and I need a new or used one, also if it came with the triangle piece that keeps the handguard on that would be great, I would be willing to pay $7 shipped for the sight
  14. ok, and you might want to make a giveaway vid, that will add up the subs
  15. which one, the lipo or the 10.8v
  16. ok up till now I have just used the stock batteries but now I want the better rof that a lipo can produce for me, so I have two questions, first how hard is it to wire a gearbox for deans and will it hurt my gearbox, second, would a 10.8 volt 3600 mah be about the some has a general lipo or anywhere close? (btw I just bought a used m16-a2 off ebay and it has a large type battery (don't have gun yet so I don't kno the volts or mah but I have a feeling that its a stock battery) with it and I have a 9.6v 1400mah that I got off ebay has well.)
  17. hate to sound like a Newbie, but what is a lego build?
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