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  1. <300fps minimum engagement distance (MED) = none 300-350fps MED = 15' 350-400fps MED = 25' 400-450fps MED = 50' 450-500fps MED = 75' semi only 500-550fps MED = 100' bolt only 550fps+ = prohibited
  2. It's in MW3, I'm not a big fan.
  3. is there going to be a summer build off?
  4. I have played both, I like airsoft much better for many reasons, like it is cheaper to play airsoft ($15 for 5000 rounds vs $50+ for 2000 rounds) you don't HAVE to buy co2 to play airsoft whereas paintball needs a gas propellant, airsoft is more accurate, airsoft is more milsim, paintball is messy, and many other pros for airsoft. I am sitting here trying to think of pros for paintball and I can't really think of any.
  5. can I put a m170 spring in my asr? It has the upgrade kit in it right not so the piston and spring guide are metal. Also I have the PDI Hopup and Madbull TBB so I'm not doing this purely for range, I have done other stuff to it.
  6. same here, I bought all of the JG gear sets almost 2 weeks ago and he hast even shown them has sold even though he has updated with other stuff he has sold since, seems fishy to me
  7. ebay number 251040006874 (not me selling btw mods, just helping this guy out) and even with out a mosfet you can still run a 9.6
  8. well they are 20 shipped on ebay. from hong kong but its better than 40 shipped on GI
  9. I agree, the only thing you might want to buy online is the delta ring tool, which are cheap on ebay.
  10. like the title says, I need a metal upper receiver for a M4, if I have to buy the whole body I will consider that too
  11. worth a try, says it can take heat of up to 180f, I might try some, but it looks like it takes a while to cure
  12. BASR full auto? doesnt BASR stand for Bolt Action Sniper Rifle?
  13. I installed it correctly, followed the Video that the website made. but I bought it from a freind who buys and sells his mosfets
  14. So I was putting in my BRAND NEW Infected armory MOSFET and when I plugged in my 11.1v 25c lipo it started smoking so I took of the battery and tried a 9.6v 1400mah nunchuck and it lit up again, what should I do?
  15. sir, you just saved me 50 bucks
  16. found one actually http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/index.php?p...t&Itemid=28 for anyone interested
  17. ok, thanks, is that pdi hopup in stock anywere?
  18. before you say, "I saw your bar10 thread and this is different" I changed to a ASR, now is this hop up compatible with the ASR? and don't try to change my mind on the ASR, already bought it :) http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=37771 thanks!
  19. Need one in black, pm me with your offers, thanks
  20. umm that hopup is AEG barrel compatible... thats why I picked that one. and has of Right now I am only seeing if I like sniping
  21. reccomend one? I think the hop up comes with one already but ik not sure, mise as well get one anyway I guess, which is best for a sniper?
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