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  1. ok, Im not asking what I should do, I have a list of parts and want to know if they are good for a jg bar 10. how does this list look? not worried about the fps, or accuracy in this thread, I got all that figured for the time being, I just want to know if these are good parts, and if not can you link me to better parts. thanks!
  2. go kwa, its best out of the box and mags are everywhere on the feild, being an m16 owner myself I know how easy it is to find friends with m4 mags when I run out of ammo. I personally don't like KWA because I prefer to upgrade my guns by myself, not a chinese machine. so I buy JG and upgrade the out of them until they are better than KWA, and cheaper, but since you are new and have the money, go KWA.
  3. I still need a magpul moe handguard, miad pistol grip, MVG or RVG, three metal tooth piston, shs dual oring cylinder head, and lonex flash mags
  4. I need a magpul od moe handguard, od miad pistol grip, od MVG or RVG. also need shs 13:1 high speed gearset, three metal tooth piston, shs dual oring cylinder head, lonex flash mags, and a v2 metal spring guide
  5. I agree, I never use metal piston heads, they slow the ROF anyway
  6. my jg red is pulling a m130 no prob on a 9.6
  7. isnt the jg blue a very slow running torque motor while the jg red is a speed motor?
  8. yea its been a long day and I figured it out about 5 seconds after I posted that, thats why I edited my post
  9. how many teeth would I have to take off of a piston to match?
  10. ok, so lets say, hypothecally, I was going to build a 70rps m4, not worring about feeding or needing to short stroke or fps, how would I go about doing it?
  11. ok, I might get one for the time being though because I am making a similar build but I got a pretty good lipo with back up batteries so I should be good. how about jg reds, how do they compare to shs hs?
  12. I say cut off the stock completey because it makes it ultra cqc, and I heard the motors are pretty good, what makes them subpar?
  13. cut the buffer tube mount off so you wont have a stock, and all shs high speed parts and a good lipo, you will be rocking for 150 in parts
  14. the lipo I just bought with a boneyard m4 is a Zippy 25C 2200 mah 35c discharge, and I will be replacing the wiring, I am gonna tune this thing to the max. so im hoping for 40+bps, I will prob tone it down later, I'm kinda showing off right now bc there are a lot of "high speed" guns on my field (25-30 bps) I only put quotes on that bc 40+ wipes 25-30.
  15. I could polish the gears, 1 tooth piston, normal bushings, metal spring guide, metal shs oring nozzle, not sure on wiring yet, prob a cheap mosfet for safety, deans connector, and not sure on the burst rate yet.
  16. ok, what would a m100 spring, shs high speed motor, 13:1 shs high speed gears (well shimmed), light weight piston that will be swiss cheesed, light weight piston head, a retainer chip on the sector gear, and an 11.1 20c lipo, what would that give me RPS wise?
  17. Don't care who makes it, don't offer KWA and expect high dollar, must have a metal gearbox, don't need good internal, or any internals at all really because they are all getting ripped out and replaced anyway. nice externals are cool but not needed, I just need a base, not a metal body please. This is a cqb gun so light and small. NO MP5s!! thanks! Also when you pm me please included a price with shipping included to 28334 Dunn NC, a description with whats wrong with it, and a picture if possible thanks!
  18. here is the story, he gave it to me bc he got a KWA sr10 and was gonna put it on craigs list but gave it to me instead.
  19. Ok so I recieved a Well GBB M4 RIS with one leaky mag and 2 pmags completely free, Im not a green gas kinda guy and would rather put the money towards a CQB project. Would it be cold or mean or rude to sell the gun?
  20. ok, thanks guys! the only reason I was thinking about the 590 is bc it presented it self, thanks anyway!
  21. it should be made to prommy specs and its a steel barrel, so it could be a prommy rebrand. any specfic bore up kits? and with the price of a bore up and the barrel would it be smarter for me to just wait?
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