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  1. ok, so I can get a matrix 590mm 6.01 barrel for $25, I have the length, but Im using a normal V2 gb with a normal length type 0 cylinder. so my question is, is my normal length type 0 enough to get all the air I will need, and I've heard that 6.03 is better than 6.01. is it worth it?
  2. ok, so to make a long story short, I have a long m16 with a 10"metal silencer, 12" metal rails, of course metal gb, and a CA metal body, needless to say, it weighs ALOT, so I want to trade my metal body for your g&g polymer body. my body has few scratches, and few flaws, its black with no trades and is missing the selectr switch but you can keep the one off of the g&g body and put it on the metal body. other than that one switch (which I said you can just keep yours) all the parts are there. thanks and have a great day!
  3. I agree, I have the same pistol, lots of fun!
  4. why don't you split the mystery box up? a internals box, a externals box, a gun box, and a optics box? you would sell them a lot quicker and make more money in the doing so...
  5. also need a 10.5in outer barrel and a 10 in silencer! please help me find this stuff!
  6. looking for a buddy, needs to be a 9.6v, good mah, shape doesnt matter bc its going in a bag, and he would also like a smart charger with it, $33 max, thanks!
  7. found most of it, only need the stock now, would rather trade my stock for yours
  8. ok, I need a 12in free float rail system with all the mounting hardware, emod stock, and maybe a tightbore barrel 509mm. also I am willing to trade my crabine mod stock for some of this stuff.
  9. I don't use a spare but for the feeding issue, I would put money on the hopup unit (bucking included) that is always my problem
  10. I got lit up just above the mask the other day (my fault, I was camping and laying down trying to get him) it hurt like a ***** but I respawned and came back in. ITS AIRSOFT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! part of the game
  11. awesome price on that m16, wish I could get it!
  12. try moving the GB side to side and pushing the pin at the same time, thats what I have to do
  13. ok, first off, your gun, you build it like you want. second, I would put a Vltor carbine mod stock on instead of the shorty full, a magpul MIAD pistol grip instead of the SPR grip you have now, Magpul AFG for the fore grip, and a noveske RIS at the correct length would look AWESOME. But it would cost about $120-150. But again if you like what you have, keep it, don't let someone tell you what you like.
  14. sup man, I'm from NC to! what part you from?
  15. no, the links werent working in the pic and I only pressed the button once
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