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  1. opps, I was tired when I read the thread, sorry, still can't wait to judge!
  2. I agree, I personally like Magpul grips (fore and pistol), flip sights, and bodies, I also like Vltor Stocks and bodies, and Noveske Rails, not much of a DD person
  3. I'm sure there are more and if you bring them up I will add them. I say a mixture of vltor, magpul, and noveske.
  4. I will give you the fact that magpul is a little over done but I personally love 90% of their products.
  5. I just want to make sure my JG red motor will pull a m150 spring with 18:1 gears and a 9.6v 1400 mah nunchuck battery
  6. theres a couple in NC, I live in fay and the gander mtn carrys sniper rifles, but I agree with these guys, or get a used one off of here! Thats what I would do
  7. this should be fun, lots of cool guns Edit: where do the guns go? not that I am turning in a gun but so I can see the guns, also star, can you pm with a prize list?
  8. Green looks good on a M16, I will post pics of mine when I finish painting it I will post pics
  9. wait you have to test the gun????? really though, one or two mid caps would prob be good
  10. I think you should replace the grip with a black magpul miad, btw, acu sticks out very easily...
  11. guys having overly short teeth
  12. well when I took my hop-up apart for the first time I put the nub in akwardly and it was pressing up the bb wrong. You may have your bucking to far forward or backward.
  13. maybe the wiring is different, hope it works for ya! :)
  14. um... 700 fps if WAY over kill and I don't think they make a spring big enough to do that and even if they did you would have to be a very strong man to pull that back... why do you want 700 fps? 500-550 is more than enough power to reach out 250 feet.
  15. I don't think 16ga will work with out crunching the wire which will ruin the wires, just go with 18ga.
  16. well I usally like 400+fps set ups because I play on a heavily wooded area and if you don't a m130 in there you have problems with hits being called...
  17. if your bbs are flying to the left all the time or to the right all the time then it is your nub
  18. the magpul handguards will fit on you gun with your delta ring, don't worry :)
  19. my m16 was doing thing exact same thing, I take apart the hopup and reassemebled it and BAM, it works!
  20. sounds like a tight shim job, and to add to what buppus said, the G&G motor SUCKS, so if I were you, I would upgrade my motor, the shs high turque is a good choice from what I have heard, also, what spring are you trying to pull?
  21. well I put a new motor in, but for the barrel, it is still stock and the hop up came with my body, the rubber inside is a a random black one (I know that was helpful...) but there could be to much grease, I took five shots it it was +- 2-5fps at crono
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