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  1. when it gets to about 75-100 feet it goes up, which sucks because it flies right over my enemies heads
  2. ok so I just put a JG m130 gearbox in my m16. Now it is a stock barrel and .25 bbs, I had been playing in the woods (all legal, not public, private and no houses around, completely safe) and all of my bbs kept jumping at around 75-100 feet and this was with the hop up adjusted! so I went to crono it at a game sunday and it was showing 338 fps with the .25 bbs! now correct me if I'm wrong but shouldnt a m130 be pushing 400plus with .25's? Now I bought the gb used but the guy said he never shot it. So it is possible that the spring wasn't a m130. so my question is, why would my "m130" be making my .25 bbs jump at such a short range, is 338 normal on a m130, and would a new bucking fix my jumping problem or should I get a whole new hop up? thanks!
  3. that sounds easier than the spades, those things are annoying has crazy.
  4. I was at a game sunday and was firing on a guy (wearing realtree) and he never knew I was there until I moved lol
  5. they're products are very ergonomic, I have the PTS MIAD grip and it is SO comfortable! :D
  6. thats it! expensive but a good motor, I've heard good stuff about the SHS high speed has well.
  7. to begin with, all m4/16 use a long type motor, second I would recommend a JG red motor, third, it is not hard at all to switch motors, look it up on youtube or here on the forum. Now for accuracy, new bucking/hopup/inner barrel and you will have AMAZING accuracy.
  8. Mine fell out yesterday during a game and now I need a new one. Willing to pay around 5 shipped. Thanks!
  9. :a-shocked: :a-shocked: :a-shocked: thats called bad luck, jeeze that really sucks
  10. that spongebob camo had me rollin XD but if you think about it real tree is one of the best camos, if it works for deer, why not humans?
  11. Ok, so I live in the sticks, when I play airsoft it is in the woods and big open fields and such (all legally and with permission, not public land, no houses for a long way out, like I said, I live in the sticks) so I use real tree camo and green pants when I play because it been proven that digital camo sucks at blending in. I know airsoft has a big milsim portion to it but if it works it works right?
  12. Signed, this wont go through, sb798 didn't, this one won't either
  13. tell me how you like it, I can't get mine for a few more weeks because something came up (aaahhhh)
  14. I agree, but I think the whole factor of one the field everyone knows this convo will happen... "hah look at the Newbie with the crosman" ten minutes later... "RUN! CROSMAN GOT GAME!"
  15. I can't believe I am about to say this, crosman, whoo there I said it. now that that is out of the way, I have the black crosman stinger s34p and it is a great trishot, and they do make a clear one has well.
  16. ok, I think I want the noveskes. Thanks guys!
  17. and the fact that $40 for a charger abd battery doesnt come around to often, anyone else have a opinion? I have been wanting the RIS for a LONG time but is 40 to good to pass up?
  18. its a small screw, I might acutally have one in my box, or go to lowes. don't stress it to much.
  19. ok so I have a m16, is has a JG m130 gb in it and a jg red pulling said gb. Now I also have a mosfet so no issue there. I currently have a 9.6 nunchuck powering my gun and I am getting good trigger response and ok rof for the spring. I have the chance at buying a 11.1v 1500mah lipo and charger for $40. should I do it? or should I stick with my 9.6v? The two big things keeping me back is I have heard of house fires coming from lipos and If I don't get the lipo I can get brand new noveske 12 rails from major9 for my gun. I only have 60 bucks so both isn't an option. Thanks!
  20. lol, sadly I am a big guy, and it is my style! but I have like 50 bucks :,(
  21. that sounds like an awesome place to play wish I could! But on to the G&P, I hear by little birdie that the externals can be a pain to work with but other then that, great guns!
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