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  1. you should have a "F***ING AWESOME" option, I would have picked that
  2. it looks like a thompson base, unless that was the wrong gun.
  3. sounds like your wiring, my echo1 m4 had the same proplem
  4. vltor all the way, love magpul but vltor kicks a in stocks.
  5. ok so I need 12 free float RIS, must come with all of the mounting hardware. 11.1 lipo that will fit in a peq and it must come with a charger, this is very important, if I can't find a good lipo charger set up with in a week I will just be buying it new. I might also bite on a 10.8v battery. thanks!
  6. not cool, its against forum rules to talk about shooting animals with airsoft guns.
  7. opps, that would work I guess, app would still be cool though, I know Airsoftsociety has one.
  8. are you going through an adapter??? that may be it.
  9. the app would be better because the website on the phone is REALLY small.
  10. Something that would be even cheaper and looks kinda cool would be to run the wire to the outside of the handgaurd and place a strip of velcro on the handguard and the opposite piece on your current battery, that way all you need is a $5 box of velcro instead of a new battery. I did that with my stock because it wouldn't hold my battery and it worked fine.
  11. now that is an idea!, but wouldn't it crack the piston head?
  12. ok, I'll look into that, I should have some money coming in soon.
  13. well I already have a jg mosfet (came with the gb) and I wouldnt mind a higher ROF. Thanks for all the help guys! also with the paper clip trick would bending it in half and pulling on it that way work too?
  14. I want to try out your feild so bad, my gun just keeps failing on me, almost ready though!!
  15. and I tried popping the ARL before (I hate that thing btw, gives me trouble everywhere I go) and couldn't, and yes I saw the guide you made, I will try it again though. Thanks!
  16. ok, so I have a jg m130 drop in gb, now it should be shimmed right and greased because I bought it second hand from a local tech. Now it should be standard gears, m130 spring, and other good ol' JG stuff, I have a JG red pulling it and a 9.6v battery that has to go through an adapter has pictured here, now I understand that power is taken away while using adapters and 9.6v isn't the best and I plan to upgrade to a 10.8v (don't want to invest $100 into lipos right now) and I plan to wire the gun to deans in a few days. Now my problem is, my piston is stuck in the back postition has pictured here, Now I know the battery will pull the spring because I have had the gun shooting and the battery is charged. Now my question, can I drill two hole like this, and then take like a piece of wire or a paperclip and put it through both holes and pull on the piston until the piston is free of the gears and then pull the wire out? now I know that the piston will slam forward taking the wire with it but since in would be a low gauge wire I could just pull it out the side. What do you guys think? would this ruin my piston? I know you can swiss cheese a piston and I don't think this would be very different would it? Thanks in advance!
  17. To bring in the new year I thought I would give all of you guys... ... ... A joke!! What did the two airsoft players do when they saw the paintball player? they looked at each other and said "Newbie"! mods please don't delete!
  18. then you need to tell a person that instead of leaving them hanging, and anyway you sure got back to this pretty fast and I have been waiting for three weeks for a reply...
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