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  1. I live in northern nj, but im willing to ship it anywhere in the us, this is my first time using this forum to find a tech so I would prefer someone trusted to send it to. anyone who is willing to do it please comment, don't say I could or I have, tell me that I will do it for you please
  2. my friends dboy m4 has been broken down for a long time now and we still cant get it fixed..... so it left me to the choise of sendiing it to get fixed, anyone who can fix it please tell me, I will pay for shipping there, and back you name your repair price.. please help.
  3. Will you be doing alot of upgrades or would u just keep the gun stock
  4. I put the tappet plate spring on after that and the spring guide, what is the trigger spring? is it the spring connecting from the trigger pushing onto the gearbox? if so then yes its on, when I put the gun together the seletor switch was hard to move and wouldnt budge to well so im not sure what happened there -_-
  5. I finally got a pic and a video :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r20q9zyoJts there is the video its is very crappy but yea... Pictures down below
  6. this happened to me once, I took out the gearbox from the shell wiggled the selector switch and bamm it worked like new
  7. Well let me start out with this, most likely not allot of people will have that gun and never do I, but I can tell you what you can expect from that gun. Lets start, most likely a 6.07 barell and a plastic hop up. the gearbox will probabbly have little or no reinforcement, and the gearbox might not have any grease, the gun will do fine but the internals wont be to great and I can tell u that with a 99% garunteement, but u could spend a little more and get airsoftgi's custom short stubby killer which is better from what I heard http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=8939 hope u enjoy Ur decision :)
  8. This is coming from an experienced combat machine owner, ok so once I got the gun ill tell u that the packaging was *^&*^ and the gun fell right out of the box, it does not come with a batter and charger correct but if it came with stock battery and charger it would suk and most likely havbe to get a new one anyways. immediatly I noticed the fast rate of fire with a 9.6c nunchuk (1600mh) it was going out at 16-17 bbps, I was shredding cans in my backyard all day then came the war the next day, jumping shaking mud sweat and bamm the motor aint working right, I ran to the forum and I had to adjust my motor height (witch isnt to hard) I also recommend tightening the connectors to the motor with some pliers because they will slip out, also watch out for the hop up because if its to high it might jam the gun. But I have to tell you all the work was worth it, and now with the tightbore and highspeed motor I can hit targets fromm 120 plus feet away with 4-6 inch groupings, the gun needs work but in the end its all worth it :)
  9. Sure ill put it up once I go to my cuzins house
  10. I have watched this at least 100 times but it is not helping I need a better guide dealing with problems
  11. Can someone please take a video of a m4 gearbox and show me how to dissasemble and reasemle and test for functioanlity? I cant get the sector gear to move the piston
  12. Thanks guys, I was also looking for some nice metal ris system for my gun thats not to expensive and lightweight u guys think you know one, I still need to know bout the combat machines metal body its not blowbak
  13. Ok so my friend and I tried to replace his spring wit an m100 but once we finished reasembling the whole entire gun we shoot and it makes a clicking noise. I know this means the gearbox is jammed but im not sure whats going on, we opened it up several times and tried to find out but we couldnt get anything, would u like us to make a video about the gearbox and u can see whats wrong. when I spin the gears should the piston move back and forth with the sector gear or should it just spin??? PLEASE HELP US
  14. So u guys think I should get the hisgh speed motor and black python tightbore? with bucking would go good with it? should I keep the stock g&g nub or changfe it?
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