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  1. the title pretty much says it all..
  2. I been looking for a plastic slide g19 for ever 😳 But the price though :/ I'm not knocking it but I have to contemplate getting another tm mk23 if I'm going to spend that amount on a side arm, I'll get back with you
  3. I am also looking for agm, or dboys! I prefer the dboys but will take either! with clones being so cheap, I wont mind if you offer a complete AEG, as long as you don't ask for a ridiculous amount of money!
  4. Need a vfc 416 cqb barrel, handguard, upper receiver, lower receiver, inner barrel/ hopup assembly, and gearbox shell with trigger, selector plate, HK battle pistol grip, also eclan specter, and socom stock. Text me if you can!!! 941-350-5076. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A FULL AEG! I NEED THOSE PARTS ABOVE AND THATS IT!
  5. trust me, that is a very strong plastic gun, ive owned two of the tm meus, no breaks running on propane.... don't get tm from an american store... unless its at discount prices... 1. night warrior http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_Tokyo_Marui_Tokyo_Marui_Night_Warrior.htm 2. meu http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_Tokyo_Marui_Tokyo_Marui_MEU_Pistol_1911.htm to be honest I only buy tm's from red wolf, since they spray the slide with orange paint that pretty much rubs right off haha uncompany is having a crazy cheap sale, and theres the meu for sale at $138! http://uncompany.com/pageproduct.asp?L3catid=363
  6. I meant to say tm hi capas, I had to write that like 5 times, I kept giving me errors today
  7. if you can afford the tm, get it, if not kjw is probably the greatest clone company of all time. the tm slides don't need to be upgraded, they are stong enough to handle normal wear and tear, you only need to upgrade if you want a different slide look, or if you beat the poop out of yours everyday without proper maintinance
  8. although if you going down a money pit/ super upgrade road, get Marui, you cans get a decent amount of upgrades for Marui g17, and Marui m9/92
  9. 1. Broken link 2. For cqb don't get co2 3. Don't get elite force... Or co2 4. That's the best of your line up :) anything Tokyo Marui will have superb accuracy and build quality! On evike they have a Marui on preorder, and it should be arriving this month, type in foliage warrior, use green gas, you will do fine :) People complain about maruis having very little gas storage on there single stack design, but since you live in fl, you wont need to worry, and it has the slide reinforcement, unlike that 5.1 hicapa!
  10. if you do get a co2 revolver, there's a guy on another forum that has a write up on how to install a hop up in a win gun c02 revolver, it looks time consuming but its pretty cool!
  11. Florida master race ovaheeeyuh! I'm in fl I had a couple tm 1911s. They do great here and hold up very well, I've put a plethora of rounds through them, no real issues. The only bad part of a hicapa is that the slide lock holds the slide back by directly wedging the slide stop into the plastic, where as the single stack tm 1911s have a metal reinforcement in the slide that the slide stop engages instead of the plastic, some single stack tm based 1911s have hicapa based slide and they come with that reinforcement, like the desert warrior, or foliage warrior. Because the nature of the 1911s design it is inherently strong, its got very this slide walls, especially when compared to say a flock or a usp. I wouldn't get the ATP just because its so ugly, it looks like the hk45 had a half aborted baby with a flock... Just eww
  12. personally I would say get the ksc glock, they are fun guns, and pretty comfortable. I'm not a fan of how the m9 fits in my hand... If you do go the ksc g17 route, don't go on eBay where they hype up its rarity saying "super ultra rare ksc glock" and then they charge you out the butt for the gun for a new ksc glock you should look to spend 135-150 new.. I forget where I saw them for 135, but if I remember I will definately send you a link! Also don't rule out the hicapa thing, excellent platform! Or if 1911-2011s aren't your style, try a mk23, very long barrel for a pistol, very accurate! The tm mk23 is nbb, but its made to be a stealthy gun, where as the ksc and kwa are just gbb for kicks... Literally;) lol
  13. I don't have an exact list of pros and cons, but from what I've seen, the kwa m9 is a more tried and true platform, I've seen people on multiple forums talking about the Starks, and I saw that people where giving them not so good remarks... Sorry I couldn't be anymore help than that! :( HAPPY THANKSGIVING THOUGH! :D
  14. Thank you for the info on the hop up arm! As for the suppressor modifications, its for the stock tm one, not after market ones sold separately. I do know what you mean, I will tone it down ;)
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