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  1. The things I have left to get are: 1x JG Bar 10 mag JG Bar 10 silencer adapter 130mm-160mm silencer that I can fill with foam rings to use as a 'silencer' Depending on price I will buy. Also have my other for sale topic, trade will be in your favor most definitely! Also looking to buy a laylax pss10 150 spring and pss10 bearing spring guide. Can only find them on redwolfairsoft so I want to see if there is a bit of a more cost efficient place? Let me know! Also, anyone know of a place to get an Action Army zero trig w/ piston for less than 135?
  2. Will do 250 shipped for the KWA Goggles dropped to 35 shipped Multicam + woodland set together for 65 shipped!!!
  3. To the top CONDOR Loadout gone - send offers, I will entertain all of them KWA package listed on eBay - or offer here171627105554
  4. Hey all, figured I would let you in on the action. Would rather sell here to skip out on the eBay fees. Pictures don't include tags so if that is breaking the rules you can close this thread. Bobdoleisgreat is my eBay username too as you can see from the listing below. Check out the listing here - eBay item # 171630631325 If you're interested, I will sell on here for 160 free shipping. I can quit the listing if you buy here to save us both money. Let me know!
  5. PlayHard - I messaged you daily bump EOTech Gloves MAGPUL Stock
  6. Made it 310 shipped, now it is 280+shipping and now includes the midcaps, battery, charger, BBs, and much more. Also, don't want to factor in shipping when I am oblivious on total package weight... etc.
  7. bump this too the top a few things asked about, nothing gone yet!
  8. It is has come this sad time where I can no longer carry on this hobby. I no longer have the time and I appreciate and respect this community more than any other and hope to be back one day. It is sad to post this sale thread but I need the money for college. RULES: PAYPAL ONLY DEALS ON MULTIPLE THINGS SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED UNLESS IT SAYS "SHIPPED" AFTER PRICE ALL PRICES ARE BEST OFFER!!!!! NEED TO GET RID OF THIS STUFF Only trades are - TM MK23 SOCOM (or variant super quiet NBB pistol w/ silencer) or VSR10 (or variant) Not looking to add any cash for trade, you ship first in event of trade First come, first served. AKA first to pay is first to get it Please check most recent post for all of the sold items (updated every bump) No returns Tagged photos: KWA KM4 CQB PLUS everything in first picture!!!!! New picture taken!!!! NO LONGER COMES WITH EOTECH/MAGPUL STOCK (not pictured) 171627105554 - ONLY ON EBAY NOW If you don't want all the freebies listed to reduce cost, you can pick and choose. The less you claim the lower the price I make it, not by too much though.... THINGS INCLUDED: KWA KM4 CQB w/ hicap and manual (carry handle/stock were repainted black) RIS PEQ Battery Box MAGPUL Front Sling Attachment Foregrip KA Foam Filled Silencer MAGPUL Sling 8x Midcaps 2x Intellect 9.6V 2000 mAh Batteries Faulty (occasionally works) smart charger Tokyo Mauri Decharger .25/.2 BBs 3 Speedloaders Carry Case Original Parts Rail Covers LARGE PEQ Battery Box Midland Radios w/ headset Killrag Upgraded internally by Star_Folder and externally by Airborne101 Internals: SP110 Spring (don't remember brand) Flathop AOE Corrected Sorbo Pad Added Tuned up Re-shimmed (possibly more, don't remember) External: Full Metal RIS (A tiny tiny bit wobbly, Airborne said the threads didn't exactly match to secure, teflon tape added to secure it to its best potential) PEQ Box Replica EOTech - SOLD (not pictured) Replica MAGPUL Stock - SOLD (not pictured) Silencer filled with foam, actually works surprisingly quite well to reduce the pop sound out of the muzzle Carry case Top to bottom, left to right: 10R Combat Boots - 20 + shipping JT Painted mask (brown,green) - 5 + shipping Speedloaders - (FREE WITH GUN ONLY) BBs 5000+(?) AE .25s / 1000+(?) .2s - (FREE WITH GUN ONLY) Foregrip - 5 + shipping (FREE WITH GUN) 8 KA/MAG (believe 2 are KA, not 100%, but mostly Mag midcaps for M4) - 25 shipped (FREE WITH GUN) Rail covers - 3 + shipping (FREE WITH GUN) LARGE Dummy PEQ Box - 6 shipped (FREE WITH GUN) Replica Oakley Gloves L - SOLD Midland Radios w/ 1 headset - 10 shipped (free with anything total 20+) Unbranded CO2 pistol w/ 4 mags - 20 shipped Smart charger (have to really jam in the cord that goes to the wall, not the newest smart charger out there)/Tokyo Mauri Decharger/2x Intellect 9.6V 2000mAh battery - 38 shipped (FREE WITH GUN) Magpul (?) 1pt/2pt interchangeable sling - 13 shipped (FREE WITH GUN) Killrag - Free with anything over 5 total ESS V12 Goggles w/ 3 different lenses. - SOLD Desert/Sand molle chestplate/belt (full set only w/ patches) - SOLD Front/back chestplate Belt 2x M4 open top pouches (4 mags each) Dump Pouch Admin Pouch Backpack that can strap on (as is) or comes with backpack strap Multicam BDU w/ boonie - 58 shipped Pants S/L Shirt M Woodland BDU w/boonie M/S - 25 shipped Tan smegmah (spelling?) - 6 shipped Belt/Tan shirt size M - free with either BDU
  9. Just like the title. If you're interested message me and I will text you pictures. Looking for 165 shipped. Insurance is on you if you'd like it. Does not include any accessories. Thanks
  10. Hey, I got an RIS installed on my m4, and when it is screwed on fully tight, it is off center and screws in a little to far. When it is straight and perfectly lined up, it is loose and if I put my hand on my foregrip, it winds off and I can feel it wobbling. I was wondering how I could go about fixing this? The RIS is freefloating. Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to fix it.
  11. Thank you, that's probably the set up I will go with. Appreciate it.
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