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  1. He didn't have good communication when I tried to buy stuff from him, he took a long time to reply and hasn't replied since around mid-January. I didn't get to buy anything from him because I couldm't reach him.
  2. I then took the wire and fuse holder and secured them with twist ties, I would use zip ties, but I was too lazy to get them. Next you install the fuse and make sure you wired it correctly. If not, go back and check it out. Now you re-install the handguards and front sight. Make sure your wire length is ok for putting your battery in. Then Taa-Dah! Your fuse is concealed in your handguards. Please tell me your opinion on this modification. It would be very helpful. P.S. I will try to get pics ASAP!
  3. I had some red 16 gauge wire around. So took the front end and made a small hole from the inside to the handguard area. I took the red wire and wired it to my gun put it through the hole I made. It then was in the handguard area. I then connected the with the fuse holder and wired it back to the gun(I'll post pics later). After that, I took the wires and wrapped them around the part of the outer barrel that would be covered by the handguards. Once again, next part is the next post.
  4. Ok, so I bought a V3 AK gearbox from a CM031c. I forgot something. It didn't come with a fuse and I didn't know the sizing because it wasn't standard. So, I got this idea. In my opinion, it's a great creative idea, but I would like to know what others think. So here it goes. I had that plastic black screw together fuse holder. My standard size 25 amp fuse just happened to get stuck, and broke inside the holder and broke the holder as well. This will continue in another post because I reached the limit.
  5. I had a friend who's G&G did this to him, but he didn't open it up. His tappet plate was broken, and another friend's M4 had the air nozzle come out of the tappet plate slot.
  6. Hi, I have an AGM L96 that when I :censored2: it , sometimes it feeds BBs and sometimes not so I push up on the magazine and then it will feed, but sometimes jams. The mag catch doesnt seem to have any wear and neither does the locking part of the magazine. Can you guys help me find out whats wrong and how to fix this?? Thanks, theMP40smg
  7. Hi, I need a bipod rail that attaches from the front sling mount and the front bolt that holds the gun together. I need it for a Well MB02 that I recently got but didn't have the bipod rail. Thanks for the help, -TheMP40smg-
  8. Hi everyone, A few months ago I did a trade for a Well MB-02 sniper. The person hasn't gotten my bipod rail for me yet and then said he doesn't have it. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement bipod rail for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, -theMP40smg
  9. When you try to pump it, does it like stop about halfway and seem like its jammed but can still go forward?
  10. Ok, first, when you put it together, did you check to make sure the piston was aligned correctly? Also when you :censored2: it, does it :censored2: at all or just spring forward? Did you test to see it the piston catches when its disassembled without the spring?
  11. And if you do strech out your spring it might destroy your plastic internals. Even if it held it wouldnt last very long or give you that long of an inprovement.
  12. First mistake, LETTING SOMEONE USE YOUR GUN! Also before you completely disassembled the gun, did you try unjamming it with an unjamming rod? Post pictures of your disassembled gun and Ill tell you how to assemble it.
  13. Thanks. Will remember that. Do you need metal bushings and metal spring guide or any other upgrades to have a M150?
  14. Hi, sorry to bring up an old post, but is the AGM MP40 gearbox still for sale?
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