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  1. I have a celcius ctw mx2 2011. Used in 2 games. I have a bunch of accessories if your still interested
  2. Hey guys I play at Sanj at cousins airsoft in manchester. They just completely redid there field with new firebases etc. The last game I attended was awesome. I wanted to share this event with you all as its a great time there. The game play and scenarios are awesome. You guys should definatly check it out. They have a video and a few new pics on there website. www.Softairnj.com Go there take a look and come down this sunday 8/7/2011. My team, airsoft tactical corps, as well as reapers contracts attends frequently. So the game play is great and theres a great diversity of veteran and new to airsoft players. Everyones very nice and everyone calls there hits all the time. Everytime I go to the field something new is done. SO check out the site and come one down and have fun.
  3. Come check out Softairnj.com in manchester its an awesome field and alot of people show up. They just re did the field and its amazing. The guy sells guns there also which is cool.
  4. I have an Airsoft team located primarily in Central NJ. WE travel alot to larger games and also attend General Skirmishes. If your interested in joining and hearing more please email me at Blindamnk13<AT>att.blackberry.net
  5. Im not sure if your willing to do some traveling. I have a professional airsoft team composed of X military. I myself am also a Vet of the Army. Airborne as well. We are located in Central NJ. we travel all over we have guys attending games in NY, VA, NJ, PA. IF your interested please feel free to email me at Blindmank13<AT>att.blackberry.net We actually just decided on our issue uniform as mulitcam
  6. Hey guys Cousins in Manchester is now longer ran by cousins, well at least airsoft is not. The new airsoft ran by there is called sanj (Soft air NJ) they have a site www.Softairnj.com. My team (Airsoft Tactical Corps) Composed of X military, Civilian etc . We play there alot and they just did some massive improvements to the field and gameplay. You guys should check it out. Im sure you wont be dissapointed by the new field and gameplay. You have questions feel free to ask. Has anyone been to cookies chaos in awhile? Also anyone looking to join a professional Airsoft Team Send me an email with your information to Blindmank13<AT>att.blackberry.net
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