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  1. so the hop up arm wiggling up and down? If thats the case then I highly doubt it. Its a vsr 10 style hop up but the hop up arm actually clicks into channels. So it takes quite a bit of pressure to actually move the arm to adjust it. Theres a thing that runs on a sort of track like thing. On it theres a piece that stickes out that has a spring on it. It rides on top of these triangle looking things. And the spring in it is really stiff. So I doubt that its just moving out of place. As I don't adjust the hop up shot to shot.
  2. What exactly in the hop up unit would cause the left to right? a mis aligned hop arm or something. Cause if I turn the hop all the way off they will still fly left and right on me.
  3. Well I mean I know I will need them. I just don't know if that will fix the fliers or not. I plan on buying them just not until I go to my airsoft place which I wont be. So I was hoping I could make the .20s work.
  4. Theres a 55 gallon drum about 60-100feet from my house (never measured). My hop up bucking was over hopping my .2g bbs even when it was all the way off. So I sent a message to leapers to get a replacement bucking which they sent to me for free. And actually sent me 2. I put it in and it was still overhopping. So I took out the bucking and I flat hop modded it. Rotated it to be on a flat surface. I replaced the nub with a large bic pen inside because the piece that was in there was small and made of hard plastic. So I put in the bic pen thing to compensate for the loss of the little mound inside of the bucking. Now im getting fliers everywhere. I have made it so it doesnt over hop. If I move it up a tiny bit it starts to over hop. Im getting left to right fliers. And sometimes the bbs just drop down before they even get there. Then on the next shot it will hit perfectly right where I was aiming. The left to right might just be because do not have a bipod on my gun (I have an Ris rail down there for one. Just no money to buy one atm) so instead of proning I have been sitting in a lawn chair and using my porch railing as a bipod (Its flat. Not the one near the stairs) but im not understanding why they will sometimes just drop before they get there. It could be the bbs im using. I believe they are .2 gram but I got them with my gun when I bought it on craigslist. So im not completely sure what gram they are. So should I just try a heavier bb or is there something I could do within the gun. The gun is a UTG Master Sniper 5th Gen if that matters. And yes. I know I should have gotten a jg bar 10 or something lol.
  5. Some what but let me tell you this. Anything past 100 Feet the 6.08 will be more accurate. Someone tested it. At 50 feet the 6.01 will be more accurate. Anything past 100 and the 6.08 was more accurate. The kicker is. You have to polish the 6.08's inner barrel. which means every time you play you will want to polish it. Which isnt bad. You wont have to as long as you don't get the inner dirty. With a 6.01 you also have to clean the barrel after every time you play. Luckily for me I have something better then a 6.08, a 6.14! MY stock UTG Master sniper 5th gen came with it. I havent polished it yet or anything but I don't plan on upgrading the barrel ever :) Sadly the pictures wont load anymore but here you go. http://metroatlantaairsoft.darkbb.com/t264...r-more-accuracy Thats the guys study.
  6. R-hop will work. To be honest you never exactly need an ER-hop. I mean it helps a bit but only with really high weight bbs. My friend had an r-hop and it worked great. When he put the ER-Hop into it no matter how he adjusted it he could not get anything lower then a .36. Anything lower and it was over hopping. no matter how much he shaved it down he could not get it to be shooting regular. I will recommend to you the flat-hop mod. Which is easier to do. and will still allow you to adjust your hop up for the different weights and such so you don't have to set the gun for one weight and be done.
  7. Well you cant install it till you have the barrel lol. But measure the barrel first. And order them at the same time to save yourself the trouble of two orders. Plus you should get free shipping that way.
  8. I recommend the polar star barrel spacers over those ones but thats just my opinion. Also you should have never gotten the 6.01. 6.08 is more accurate.
  9. The reason why the 6.01 tends to jam more on aeg is because they are being shot alot more without being cleaned. So unless you plan on playing like you would if you had a BASR then no. don't get one. With that said the PDI 6.08 will be more accurate and precise anyways.
  10. Im thinking that I could flat hop mod it though with the same bucking thats already in it...
  11. not only is it a bad gun. We all told you it was and not to buy it and yet your still going to buy it. EVERY PART IN IT IS PROPRIETARY meaning there are no replacements. You get 1 mag and thats it. Either get a good gun or buy that gun. Its probably only going to work for 22 shots before it breaks anyways. Either get a UTG MK96 or a JG Bar-10. If not and you do get that. don't say we didnt warn you.
  12. Well I was inside of my hop up. Its designed similar to the VSR hop up with the lever next to the barrel. My question is do buckings wear out? As mine has a permanent indent in it where the nub goes onto the bucking and makes contact. So im thinking its worn out which is why my hop up isnt working. Since I bought it second hand. Anyways help would be appreciated as I havent seen anything written about it. If it does need to be replaced. I don't know what kind im going to need. So the gun is a UTG M324. So if you know what bucking I need as well please tell me.
  13. Its the sears as said above. And just a btw to sniperx2s. You have been trying to sell that trigger for like over 3 months I think now. Commenting on someones post who just needs to replace a 20$ part and trying to sell him your 120$ trigger is kind of useless. Atleast when you do it you could tell him why its slam firing first. And no im not saying your triggers bad. Im just saying help him instead of trying to help yourself.
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