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  1. Are you interested in trades at all? im thinking of swaping my kwa m9 ptp for an mp7 due to the fact that a cqb field opened about 25 min. from my house..
  2. So I have an m9 that im trying to sell, and it has a few scratches here and there. Has anyone touched up their guns or have any experience with that kind of stuff?
  3. How are the emerson pants?
  4. Emerson FAST Helmet : Sorry for big pics
  5. Looks AMAZING!1!! Do you have dummy plates in the APC? also how do you like the BFG pouch? Thinking about picking one up for my JPC
  6. Looks good! 2 Questions- 1.) what did you do to your rifle to make it a MK18? Like did you have to change the outer barrel? 2.) How is the leg SERPA? does your the holster move on your leg alot or is it quite secure?
  7. Hi, I have a KWA SR10 (clearly stated). I believe it is the newest version, having boughten it on 12/31/12. I want to trick it out and turn it into a Block 2, but I don't want to ditch the stock outer barrel for a shorter one. I have heard rumors of the newest SR10 having a 2 piece barrel, but have not seen anything official (checked google and what not). Does anyone know if the outer barrel on the gun is two pieces or one? Thanks!
  8. Everything looks great! The only thing that I would suggest is staying away from that many mag pouches- buy exactly what you need, nothing more. If you like to run, those mag pouches will slow you down and make you feel heavy. Personal Experience. Also, the drop leg- drop legs tend to wobble ALOT.(Personal experience,again). They really get in your way when running, and especially with mags in there, it will move around on you a TON. Any questions, let me know :)
  9. 75Ranger


    Although I have neither, I was looking at both, and I was leaning more towards the JPC for the fit - I'm 5'6, 110 lbs.
  10. So we can all agree on NSW right? I don't want to make anyone mad...
  11. Thanks! For sure getting a FAST!
  12. One thing you could try is flipping the blatter over when it is full of water and suck the air out of it, helps distribute the water around the pack more.
  13. Alright thanks for the help! any good picture websites for kits? I want to see how NSW sets up their JPC's
  14. So FAST Helmet? or Mich 2000?
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