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  1. I'm looking for a TM Hi Capa 4.3 Metal Slide. Please PM with pictures and price please. Thanks!
  2. also, on this video: you see the rear sight? where can I get that for the 4.3. I know he has a 4.3 but do I need to replace the slide or mod the plastic slide I have right now if I wanna have something like that working?
  3. do you mind making like a shopping list for me? so I can go through it and bookmark and reference. it would really be a big help. I like to look around but I never know whats right. I'll have to keep asking and asking if its the correct one. I don't like bugging people as well asking them over and over again if its "the right one" or "is this one better"
  4. I wanna do it for reliability/durability, performance, fps between 275-325, and accuracy. also, looks, where can I get a 4.3 TM hi Capa fiber optic sights? front and rear.
  5. I'm on a budget and I need some help to upgrade my TM Hi Capa 4.3. I chose the 4.3 over the 5.1 because I can start from 4.3 and spend money in the long run and turn it into a custom TM Hi Capa, but for now I'm on a budget and want to upgrade my 4.3. Any suggestions? internally and externally.
  6. Where is a good website dedicated to Hi-capa parts only? external and internal, both stock parts and upgrades?
  7. what other alternatives are there if I don't wanna use 134a? replace the slide to metal? what if I don't wanna do that asap though? can I still use propane on a TM stock??
  8. Ok, well I guess I'll go with the TM, thanks alot guys! Always a good help. TM... Where you at!?!? My cash is looking for you...
  9. Ok, here's my situation. Evike has the WE Tech 7" Dragon black available for $130. It looks like a beast of a gun and its fully metal so from the looks of it, its pretty well built. I have shot the WE Tech 5.1 before and I liked it, the blowback was what I was looking for. really good kick. Well, there's this clist post with a guy selling a TM 4.3 stock everything with only 1 mag for $100. Which one should I pick? WE Tech 7" Dragon or the 4.3 hi capa TM? I haven't tried or seen a TM hi capa before so I'm coming to you guys for help. People say TM is really really good and WE Tech is just a paper weight. Is this true about WE Tech GBBs? I like the WE tech because its GBB, good kick, 7", has RIS rail on bottom...
  10. so this is it right? since ur links didnt work.
  11. This one? http://www.acmgear.com/weapon-mounted-tact...llam-p-650.html can you find the CREE P60 lamp for me pls?
  12. I'm buying the WE TECH Dragon 7.0 because it has a full rail system. So I could fit a light easily on it. I was wondering, does anyone know a good set up? From Flashlight to pressure switch and rail mount? I wanna be able to shoot my pistol and blind people while I'm shooting at them, especially at CQB when needed. My budget is somewhere in the $50 range. So I'm not sure if Surefire would be a good choice for me. I saw Ultrafire and some other stuff on deals extreme, but I wasn't sure if there are any pressure switch and rails for them.
  13. So what should I do first and most importantly?
  14. It helps alot, but is it bad to use a 6.01mm inner barrel? Why do people pick 6.03/6.04 over 6.01? btw, what is "correct AoE"? sorry, kind of a Newbie here. btw, I saw vids on shortstroking the piston, what does that do?
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