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  1. The cool small compact spiffy one. Broken is fine, I just need it to look nice not functional is fine.
  2. 1. Magpul ASAP, GBBR version not AEG 2. Troy rear sight in FDE- not black 3. T1 high mount, QD. I'm looking for a specific one to replace one that I have. Don't need the actual T-1 just the high riser 4. Purchased 5. Purchased 6. Surefire SR-07 remote switch 7. G&P DBal A2 8. Purchased 9. Purchased 10. Surefire traded M600C scout light in FDE, not black 11. Magpul BAD Lever 12. Long shot- GBBR EMags
  3. Found one. Now need a G&P Mur-1 upper (AEG) thanks!
  4. Got several items in a parts lot, and I had wanted an M203 long for a while. Got home and started removing the M203 from the barrel and found JAC trades on it. If this thing is valuable, I'd rather not skirmish with it. If not, I'll use it. Anyone have an idea of value? I searched online but there are barely any topics on this thing readily available.
  5. Payment sent for VLTOR CCW flash hider. Thanks again man. Awesome seller, got my rail and rear sight within a couple of days from payment.
  6. Thank you for shipping me my sling mount and gas block so quickly! Great seller here, I always look forward to seeing what he will have on his list next, inevitably I find something else I need. Buy with confidence.
  7. Need a bunch of different things: M203 long (not short), barrel (not RIS) mounted. Doesn't need to be pretty, just needs to be unpainted and in decent shape. M14 scope mounts, the kind that screw into the side, for TM style M14. Echo1 M14 RIS (can't afford the cool G&P one with the KAC trades). Body pieces for a stripped M4 receiver. I'm talking the mag release assembly and the F/R body pins. Maybe a nice charging handle. PWS MK112 rail. This is the longer one, that also has the extended top piece that is an inch or so longer than the bottom of the RIS. 10"+ Larue RIS.
  8. If the handguard has all the mounting hardware and there's nothing missing or broken with it or the VLTOR stock, I'll take this. Let me know your Paypal, thanks!
  9. My RIS is 12.5" long, so the barrel needs to be 12.5" on the inside part, meaning not including the flash hider threads, and not including the part that goes into the receiver. Something like the Madbull Noveske Crusader RIS. I'm in San Diego, 92064 for shipping purposes. flash part that goes hider into the threads receiver [[[[[ ------- 12.5" --------- [[[[[[
  10. I guess the score wasn't so final; SR-200, M-70
  11. Thank you for the very fast shipping. The scope is great and I definitely got an amazing bargain for your box of parts. Don't hesitate to buy from this seller, A+ transaction!
  12. Just got my shipment. Thank you for the great communication and very fast shipping time. Item was exactly as described, flaws and all. People, please realize that when sellers disclose any issues up front, this is the mark of a GOOD seller. There were no surprises when I received my item and I could not be happier with it. Thanks again and good luck with the rest of your sales!
  13. I can't quite fathom you selling everything in the picture above for $50... but if you are, I will take it. And the ambi catch too.
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