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  1. So I currently acquired a CM028 in a trade for a WellMB03. I cracked open the gearbox and did some tuning. Now its time to fix the hideous plastic body and plastic wood. I'm wondering where I can find a nice metal body and wood kit that won't destroy my wallet. Looking for advice on where to acquire that. Next up I have a TM SG1 I also acquired in a trade and I plan on doing this to it... Now I currently have the retractable stock, guarder ccw adapter, silencer, top rail mount and acog. What I need is info on where to acquire a nice metal body that will fit the TM(heard about issues with CA parts) as well as any info on that South African handguard and a barrel assembly/cocking tube that will fit that. Even if the answer is, "just modify whatchu got son" any advice is welcome. Lastly my M249 Para needs stock pins and body screws any info on those is also appreciated
  2. I'm looking for either a boneyard Y&P MK23 or the SC-3 Spring that goes in the slide assembly. Any information on where to get the SC-3 spring is also greatly appreciated. Below is the Y&P mk23 manual. www.airsplat.com/Manuals/GP-YP-SOCOM-USP-3.jpg
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