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  1. Also a G&P mk23 (railed version preferred) or an ARES M60 MK43 Mod 0 (with rail system and top rail) If I think of anything else, I'm sure I'll post it. things I have so far for trade: spas 12 marui m9 vfc 416c G&G M4 marui psg1 more later maybe.
  2. Still looking for this gun, I have guns and pistols and some cash if needed to trade. Please PM me if you have this gun and are willing to trade!
  3. Ah, you are right. I hardly ever check, but I thought I had dropped the prices already. I had held off due to some interested parties with offers and trades. $400+ship for marui spas $350 shipped for vfc $600+ship for daytona m4
  4. Bump, offers not good, so $1400 shipped for the lot, and I'll throw in a tan aimpoint. looks good on the daytona!!
  5. Take it all for $1600, and I'll split shipping with the buyer.
  6. Prices include shipping no trades. Paypal only. Price is a little negotiable on the daytona, spas, and vfc PM for fastest response. Marui spas 12 with folding stock. Works flawlessly. Come with strap and all the shells I can find, about 10 so far. $450 Latest Gen daytona m4. Magpul WOC body, sanded magwell fits marui mid caps best. Comes with everything you see attached, and installed precision barrel. Never used it much, hop up still needs to be broken in. no rig, tank, or mag included. $750 VFC HK416C Precision inner barrel, Teienly 40k motor, marui PEQ box, comes with hi cap. Runs like a dream, beastly in CQB fights. missing front sight. $400 Tokyo Marui MP5k works great. Has classic army scope claw mount, and suppressor. simple, comes with mid cap and high cap, no battery. $120 Echo1 MP5 pretty much a work horse. hi cap and mid cap included, no battery. $80
  7. still looking! Have interesting things to trade is you don't wanna sell to me~
  8. Dollar dollar bill, ya'll Need that uzi!!
  9. Looking for the AEG Marui Uzi ONLY must come with: Working battery Hicap Mag must be in full working condition no damage PM me with price and offers
  10. Looking to buy a good priced marui M4 MUST come with a hicap (two hicaps, preferred) Metal body a bonus, not preferred Trades preferred as well I do no need attachments of any kind (with the exception of a battery) I may consider buying a package with attachments (if the price is right) Deans a plus, not necessarily needed. M4A1 preferred, NO M16 models, AK's, Thompsons, ect.\ stock is okay, MUST shoot under 400, and in working condition.
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