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  1. I bought this very gun and when I opened the gearbox I was greeted by A&k gears. Leads me to believe that Evike mislabeled the gun. I eventually ended up swapping out the stock gearbox for a true JG one
  2. I've been looking for a team in Southeast MO for a really long time now. I came up with SEMO airsoft on Facebook but they don't pley very often. There are some other teams in the south central part of the state.
  3. By that statement I meant correcting the AoE. Also, do you think I'll be fine wih that battery if I am only using the AEG on semi? That is what I intend to do.
  4. This is the route I've chosen to upgrade my CYMA M14. I need your input to help out. Thanks in advance. Gearbox shimmed, relubed, radius'd, and piston teeth removed. 70D 1/4in. Sorbo Lonex v.7 bearing spring guide. Systema m150 spring SHS short high torque motor 10.8 volt airsoft elite nimh Compression and barrel stabilization mods.
  5. When I was in highschool, probably sometime around 03'-05' I saw G4 (then called TechTV) did a segment on one of their shows about airsoft. There were guys running around inside buildings using Tokyo Maruis with tracer units. I was big into paintball at the time and this looked awesome to me. I looked up how much they costed and sadly, those guns were outside my budget. Some of my friends got springer pistols from the flea market and we started chasing each other around in a barn with those. Good times.
  6. http://m.facebook.com/groups/72300917004?v...fo&refid=17 Check us out! We're in Desoto.
  7. You'd probably be better off modifying an AK variant AEG to look like an SVD.
  8. I'm planning on investing in a sniper rifle in the near future and would like a GBB pistol to come in handy for when targets are too close. I want something that isn't going to need alot of attention and will work each time I draw it. I'm not going to neglect the pistol, I just don't want to have to worry too much about it breaking. I've got no plans to upgrade, just need it to shoot straight. The ATP is what I'm looking at because I like the price vs. performance it offers. Your thoughts?
  9. You'll have to stick an allen wrench through the RIS to reach the little screws inside the system. They are located close to the body on a cyndrilical piece which houses the outer barrel.
  10. I have a GREPOW 9.6 nunchuck and I'm not really all that impressed. I wouldn't reccomend this brand to anyone else. Look into Intellect or Elite Airsoft Batteries.
  11. hairball47

    bad bbs

    So far I've run around the neighborhood of 2500 rds of said BB's through a Madbull 6.03mm without a hitch...so far. I've been pretty satisfied with their performance. My own experience with this is all I have to report on at the moment.
  12. I have a G&G Gr 15 Raider which is essentially the same gun. It requires a nunchuck type battery.
  13. Check this out: http://www.ultimatepaintball.com/p-7256-cy...ric-pistol.aspx This retailer is based near where I live and I can vouch for their service.
  14. I know I'd deffinitely be there if this were to happen.
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