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  1. Bought it a few months back. Too big for my hands. Looking to get $175 shipped for the whole thing. I can part out if the price is right. I'm not taking trades on this one.
  2. TM Thompson for sale. I'm not taking trades. Metal finish is in good shape with no damage other than scuffs from play. Trademarks are in great shape. Same for the furniture. V6 box is stock. FPS is 280+ Everything functions as it should. Nothing is broken. Looking to get 100 shipped since these are quite a bit higher than that retail. Its in overall good shape. Comes with one TM mag.
  3. Lowered all prices. I'd take $500 shipped for all of it together. No trades on that deal. I have another scar upper I will toss in, naked blasted, ready for paint. Same shape and condition as the one pictured.
  4. Been a while since I have been on ASF. Didn't catch the update on username in pics. Cash is king. No trades unless its an amazing trade. No GBB's please. No springers please, unless its 20+ triple shots, then we can talk.
  5. First off, I'm not parting unless its all sold by parting or is listed that I'm parting. I'm an Airsoft technician and these are run off AEGs that either A) From customers that didn't pay or B) I do not have time to fool with.... or both. If there are issues, they are listed. I will be opening them in a few days to confirm whats listed as far as upgrades, FPS and such. First up: G&G UMP FPS is right at 330 w/25's. Comes with 3 G&G mids and 1 G&G hicap +3 TMC stick pouches molle. Like new Noveske attached after I had the barrel threaded. Sucker is on there really tight. $200 shipped for all OBO. -------- King Arms SAR Galil. Comes with a high-cap and mid cap mag. Stock as far as I know. No semi. No safe. Needs a piston. In the process of repairing it. $150 shipped as is before repair. Scar is a D-boys. Sandblasted and sponge painted ATACS FG. Will come with all the upper parts. Lower is missing the mag catch spring. Lower is in parts. Gearbox has already been tuned and bevel shimmed. Will not be assembling this AEG prior to sale. Will be sold wrapped and bagged in a box. $100 shipped for the entire AEG in parts. Make an offer. I have 2 of these, one is naked blasted.
  6. No one is going to send first to a 0%'er, especially in trade. I have 2 m249 LMGs that I might consider trading, but there is no way I will ship first.
  7. If you looking for events to attend, a team to join, a good tech, a group to join, hosting assistance, or a field that has events regularly, get in touch with me via PM here or email me via my profile email. I help organize games and events across the state and can help you get into airsoft if you new. I run a facebook group if your into that and moderate some local forums to the state.
  8. I'm looking for a metal ak receiver with a folding stock. Can be a working/non working aeg, can be scratched and beat up or just the receiver and stock. It cannot be broken, cracked, bent or dented. Will pay up to 120 for an AEG or 50 for a receiver set.
  9. I know longer offer tech work to the public.
  10. Old style SHS blues are fine. The new ones suck. Actually, stay away from SHS in general. All their recent stuff just isnt up to par. Lonex is the new SHS. Great quality parts. Their Lonex red piston is currently THE strongest piston out. Handles an m190 no problem.
  11. This isnt a quick spring change gearbox is it? Just wondering.
  12. Looking for a palmer to go on my remote setup. Really need it to be a female stabalizer for remote use. Hit me with it.
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