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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING Rules - All items will be sold as is. I will explain and present the items to the best of my knowledge. All Items are in good to great condition unless stated otherwise - Paypal and cash for local pickup. - US transactions only. - Shipping is included unless stated otherwise. Tracking and insurance is extra and highly recommended - Shipping is by USPS. Other carriers may be used at an additional expense. - Items will be shipped either on Friday or Saturday. (I work odd hours) - I will only hold items for 48 hours, after that the next offer will be entertained. - Trades, he who offers ships first - Prices are slightly negotiable. If you think that my prices are off do send me a PM. - No thread crapping - PM or post in the thread any questions, comments, or concerns. - I can refuse service to whom ever I choose. Now, let's get down to business: First up is a Swiss Arms OD Plate carrier with pouches. (color is off due to lighting) It has been in about less than a dozed skirmishes and still held up pretty well. Included are the Hydration pouch, Pantac Dump pouch, Vertical utility pouch (attached to the hydration carrier) and double M4 shingle. Everything is in fair to good condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD Next is a genuine Magpul PTS MOE with PTS rails. Used only for a few games and decided that I wanted a different look. SOLD SOLD SOLD ACM Safariland 1911 Ambidextrous Holster. Again, used for about 2-3 games and switched to a different type. SPF M4 midcaps and one High-cap. 4 are unknown brands holds about 60+ with sharpied markings at the bottom. One mid-cap is metal holds about the same or more, brand is unknown. Classic Army High-cap metal, unused and sharpied with markings at the bottom as well. Asking $40 shipped for everything or $5 for plastic mids, $8 for metal mid. High-cap SOLD SOLD. Mid-caps SOLD SOLD SOLD Various items for sale as well: 1. Classic Army retractable stock with buffer tube - $30 shipped 2. Classic Army Plastic Handguards - $10 shipped 3. Socom Gear 1911 GBB Mag (missing magazine follower, seals intact) - $15 shipped 4. Classic Army Carbine length outer barrel - $20 shipped, with front sight assembly $30 shipped (flash hider is warped due to removal) 5. Classic Army carrying handle with scope mount (all metal) - $15 shipped 6. and 7. Delta ring and front sight assembly - SOLD SOLD SOLD 8. JG 10" outer barrel (brand new without tags) - $20 shipped 9. Classic Army inner barrel - $10 shipped Possible trades: Despat BDU set (Medium top, large bottom) Aimpoint or Eotech clones Tan based Rig Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi, I wasnt sure if you got my last pm. Anyway, how much would it cost for the save phace mask shipped to 11550? Thanks =D
  3. Hi, Im interested in getting the barrel extension. What would be the exact length? PM please :)
  4. Hi, what would be the FPS on the V2 gearbox? Stock pull or modified? And would you be accept $30 shipped to 11550? Pm please :)
  5. PM sent Edit: forgot to ask on my PM. Is this CCW threading?
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