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  1. 1.Paypal Only 2. CONUS Only 3. In trades, you ship first. I will ship upon receiving your goods. Only exception is if I am familiar with you. I have great feedback on Arnie’s, ASF, eBay, and other sellers. I can list references if you would like, from both sales and full-gun trades. I am 100% transparent with transactions and will keep you updated with PMs on the progress. 4. Price is firm for at least the first full month. However, feel free to PM if you believe my pricing is unfair or if you have any questions. For sale/trade is my King Arms Mk18-ish AEG. Features a working Systema gearbox from a G&P/Systema MOE rifle and all the outer fixings, wired to deans in the rear. Parts list and current US pricing: Kind Arms M4, trademarked, metal bodied - $233.19 Madbull Daniel Defense RIS II (9.5”) - $110.00 G&P 11.5” Barrel + Flash Hider - $42.00 D-Boys KAC Front Sight - $20.00 G&P KAC Rear 300m Sight - $40.00 ACM Magpul CTR Stock - $30.00 G&P/Systema Internals - $60.00 RS KAC Foregrip - $20.00 Original Investment: $555.19 Adjusted for Depreciation: $360.87 Issues: -The DD RIS II was filed down slightly on the back end of the top rail to fit the KA upper receiver. There is a slight gap, currently with a strip electrical tape acting to fill it, but this does not affect function at all. -Despite being a Systema complete gearbox, it’s just meh. It shoots around 370 FPS upon last chromo with an *ok* rate of fire. It works, but it’s just alright. Trades: I’m interested in trades for other M4 models. Block I or 1.5, civvie builds, whatever. I want it to run well, so if it’s externally a bit plain, that’s fine. I’m mostly looking for black, unpainted rifles, but painted might be ok. Prefer VFC, G&P, and King Arms. Regardless, it needs to be a complete rifle (iron sights, stock, etc.) and preferable wired to the back, unless you include a PEQ and lipo. Also interested in nice modernized AKs with magazines. Same brands as above apply, but if it’s nice, I’m interested.
  2. Looking to buy an Emerson/Allwin/Toy Soldier AOR2 set. Must be medium regular, or 32R.
  3. The picture of the FNX .45 is from the actual FN booth at SHOT Show. Don't know why you're posting it as a GBB airsoft gun.
  4. Chill mate, just a brain lapse. Looking for an AR15 charging handle.
  5. In need of an AEG charging handle AND the spring. Don't BS me on price. They're like $15 shipped off evike.
  6. Testing the waters. Don't get upset if I say no. You ship first, no exceptions. I've got a Madbull RIS II on my Mk18, but I'm interested in building a more customized rifle. Interested in doing a Honey Badger-ish setup or other civvie look. Looking to straight trade for another high-quality rail of any design, especially tubular sorts. -Must be standard AEG threading. -Must include all hardware. -Wear ok, no damage. -Only looking for SBR/CQB length rails; no 11"+ please. PM for details or offers. Again, looking for straight trades only. Thanks!
  7. Looking for an Emerson Ballistic replica (NOT the Carbon or Bump replicas) and AOR1 pouches, especially GP, frag, and magazine shingles.
  8. Looking for a 6094A. Pantac, Flyye, AWS, or LBT only. NO EMERSON OR TMC. Looking for multicam, AOR1, or khaki/MJK.
  9. Free bump. If you eventually decide to do part outs, I'm very interested in JUST the Banshee.
  10. Looking for a 10.5/10.3" CQB barrel. MUST have CCW threading (no G&P barrels). Must be black or painted, no silver or polished. Must be fully working; I.e., can have external wear but the mounting end must be fully intact and the threads must be complete. Not looking for 11.5, ONLY 10.5/10.3".
  11. I am looking for a 14mm CW to CCW adapter. I need to convert a G&P barrel to take 14mm- threading. IT MUST BE CW->CCW, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. ALSO looking for a 10.5" barrel instead, must have 14mm- CCW threading.
  12. It's probably a store buying it all from him to double the price of each and turn a profit. Either way, still looking for a QD suppressor.
  13. Still looking! I want something specifically for an M4 or other 5.56, so no SCAR suppressors or 6.5mm cans.
  14. Still looking! I want something specifically for an M4 or other 5.56, so no SCAR suppressors or 6.5mm cans.
  15. Looking for a QD suppressor! Any type! Must include CCW flash hider!
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