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  1. Saw these at Airsoft GI one fine day, and was instantly interested. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9500 Has anyone here managed to procure one? I'm wondering if this new line addresses some of the key issues with the previous gen III VFC Scars, ie: battery space, fragile bushings, various wiring and gearbox issues, or if they're functionally the same. I can't find a single review anywhere. Search engines are no help because the only reviews I'm finding are those that cover the older ones, no matter how specific the search terms I enter.
  2. Well, that settles that, then. Classic Army it is. I like having 100 rd midcaps way better than 50. Thank you for your kind and helpful response.
  3. Long story short, love the gun design, not sure which brand to pick up. Heard good things about both, namely the solid feeling of the CA variant. But I've heard of problems with the G&G model, most notably with the overactive hop-up, not to mention I've been hearing about rather inconsistent fps ratings depending on the reviewer. The price point of the UMC really attracts me, though. Great entry level CQB weapon for $180. And I'm guessing the gearbox is probably going to be more reliable, though not too many parts are going to be available if something breaks, same problem with CA vs VFC on the SCAR. Also, I'll need to know if CA 100rd midcaps are compatible with the G&G variant. I think I remember seeing the answer somewhere, but I forgot what it was and where I read it. Still could use some help deciding.
  4. Kay, so the first one. And sorry, I'm just being paranoid about the whole "demanding proof" thing. [edit] Huh. I found one on Uncompany. Who knew?
  5. Dunno, I just have a preference for the H model, that's all. I kinda figured I could order it straight from VFC, but I'm just curious if this one's compatible. Mainly because it combines both inner and outer barrels into one. [edit] Found the barrel extension I want (I think) http://www.gb-tech.com.tw/newsite/pdoduct_...BRL-SCAR-02.jpg or http://www.gb-tech.com.tw/newsite/pdoduct_...K17E65-AL01.jpg. They both say outer barrel, so I'm guessing either one will work. I hope you're right about the email thing, though they'll probably demand proof that I own the rifle in question.
  6. So, sorry for the bump and double post, but I didn't feel that this warranted its own topic. I do have one more question. I have decided to go with the VFC. Therefore, I must know if this http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/out...barrel-set.html is compatible with the VFC, and not just the Ares/Star variants, because I'm running on empty trying to find a VFC version of this barrel.
  7. Bah, guess I was browsing all of those places at the wrong times. Oh, well. Appreciate the info, guys.
  8. I guess we could always, you know, fill the hicap magazines only partway full. Well, maybe (You'd probably still have to wind it). Seems to be the only reasonable solution for me lately, because I can't seem to find a single place that sells midcap SR25 mags. They all seem perpetually sold out.
  9. But doesn't it wear out your motor or something if you use the spray and pray method on a consistent basis?
  10. I don't quite understand the hatred of hi cap mags in AEG's. I mean, functionally speaking, I'd see them as being quite an asset on the battlefield. What, is it the realism (or lack thereof) that turns people off? Plus, I've noticed that, for the most part, they have comparable price points to midcaps, which basically allows you to carry much more ammo for the same amount of money. Won't someone help me understand?
  11. Most of these I've seen shoot around 440fps with a flat hop up. That can't be field legal. . . can it? So what's the deal? Also, wondering if anyone can recommend a brand with similar pricing but with lower FPS.
  12. From my understanding, duster gas works just fine in that regard. Though correct me if I'm wrong. Still, seems like I'd be better off with a UMP AEG for CQB.
  13. So I reeeeally want to pick me up a KWA MP7, but after seeing some chrono tests where the fps climbs over the 400fps mark with .2g bb's (with similar results from other sizes), I'm rather hesitant to buy it. I wonder, would HFC134a gas be sufficient enough to slow it down? Or does there absolutely have to be some internal work done?
  14. 400fps on the Echo1? Eh. . . not really sure about that one. Guess I'd have to use .25g bb's. How's the integrity of the internals? Better, or worse than the D-Boys model on which it is based? I'm fairly certain that I'm gonna be leaning toward the CA version. I like to have a solid feel to my stuff.
  15. Wow, thanks for the quick reply and wealth of info. Now I can make a much more informed decision. Though as far as mags go, I can't see myself using a midcap (for the VFC variant, anyway). Especially when I can get a hicap for $26. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...Heavy_Black.htm Something else that's probably worth consideration is that I hear that the foldable stock on the VFC variant doesn't lock into place when you fold it in. Also, I must know where you got that $330 package. It sounds like it was second-hand. Uncompany is about the only place I've found that still sells CA Scars.
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