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  1. If it's an aluminum nozzle and it has the classic m4 notch, tried sanding the nozzle a bit to get it to clear the hopup clearance?
  2. I'm looking for a v3 gun. I prefer the ak platform because it's what I have most of my mags for and I don't care if it's broken or not, but please be realistic on the price. I am an airsoft tech so I know my guns haha just shoot me a message or comment on here with what you got and we can discuss details if I'm interested in what you got, thanks ^_^
  3. recently came into possession of a WE PDW and I need extra magazines for it :P feel free to inbox me about them, thank you in advance.
  4. yes I can, the issue is when I insert a magazine, and take it out, nothing goes into the hop-up. nothing falls out when I take the magazine out.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGzEGusEH3w
  6. I recently put this on my gun: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...155b9c808be256a with a RIS,silencer, and TBB. The works basically. Now my issue is slightly what I used to have before but worse. Right now the magazine isn't making the right contact for some reason to feed bbs into the hop-up. When I wiggle the magazine around a bit, is when I get maybe 4 bbs into the chamber. Seeing as how I am at ~35RPS with my gearbox right now, its like nothing. I have shaved the adapter down to have the hop-up extend lower, the screws are tight and the adapter sits flush to the body. Any suggestions? I can take pictures if ya want.
  7. Rules: Paypal Only. No Returns or Exchanges. Items are sold AS-IS. I ship from 08610. The gun has maybe 15 mags through it. Gun will come with 4 magazine. Now the gun is not in perfect condition cosmetically. There is a crack on the hand guard and the post sights are missing, but since its with a scope, never had a need for the posts anyway. Other then that it still performs fantastically with everything I have put into it so far, something that would still be desirable would be a TBB. With a little more tuning, this would be an amazing sniper. I have just gotten a little tired of it myself due to the strong spring pull and I found the money to fix my AK with some rails. Pictures: Gun - $125 Reinforces Steel Sear - $15(+shipping) Prometheus M170 Spring - $15 Scope mount - $25 Scope - $20 AirsoftPro Upgrade Hop-up - $45 4xMagazines - 4x$25 Enlarged Bolt Handle - $18 Total - $363 All im asking for is $180 SHIPPED and im throwing in those 3 jars of KA .4g BBs
  8. title says it all, not looking to break $100 but depending on what it is, im flexible to go over :P
  9. can you explain what exactly with pictures?
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