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    primarily a firearms aficionado, hobby gunsmith, handloading enthusiast, ballistics adventurer. <br />Got into airsofting recently and really like it. <br />also likes computers, FPS games, anime, movies, music, working with my hands, handyman work, and design/building things. <br />I also love big explosions and general pyrotechnics.

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  1. I don't have any experience with aeg's, I want top quality, there isn't really a budget, I suppose under 500, and I am at a loss by all the brands! I hope some of the pros here can help me out and make sure I get the best. I poked around online, and I heard the lancer pdw is the worst and lowest quality (and the low price sorta scares me that its probably a total lemon) and the vfc pdw is the best. there's several variations it seems for the vfc and there's other brands often tacked on there like umarex and I wonder what is the deal with that. I'm mostly looking for reliability. I want a good reliable gun that lasts and lasts forever. my first (and only) aeg experience was some $120 mp5 from big 5, I forget the brand but it was a bad experience. it worked flawless for about 5 months then stuff started breaking, the first to go was the fire selector so I fired auto all the time, then the motor died or something, even with a full battery there wasn't anything happening when I pull the trigger. I've got alot of gas guns, kwa mostly, and they'd great, accurate reliable guns but the main weakness is capacity. if I'm going to a real cap game they're great but in normal games were my 40rd m4 vs aeg's with 400 rd capacity mags, I'm at a huge disadvantage. that is the reason I'm looking for an aeg. I picked pdw because its a nice looking gun and I usually do cqb, and its a small, lightweight gun if the stock is folded. but with the high cap mags, it wouldn't do bad at 100-200 feet either. the final thing I'm a bit confused about is the fps. airsplate, redwolf, airsoftgi, they all have different fps's with .2 BBs. 335-400. does anyone with the actual gun can tell me what is the fps? under 350 I guess is good so I can use it at the indoors places I often play at, but I am concerned the under-350 would make it weak for longer ranges at the outdoor fields (like sc viper, hollywood sports & warped ops). what are your opinions about that?
  2. I'm 25, make a few bucks over 30k a year, a third less though after the government takes its 'cut' I would be a redneck if I was born to the right race... asians can't be redneck, right? only white people? I don't hunt at the moment but have my hunter's education certificate and want to get into it this year or next- I just need a friend to go with who knows how ot hunt (I got the shooting part down, but what after?) and currently my political affiliation is... I don't know. I support some democrat things and some republican things, but there's stuff on both sides I'm strongly against. and there's stuff I support/against with other parties. I am more libertarian than anything. I wish they're a bigger, mainstream party.
  3. zephir

    Poison Ivy

    I've never got poison ivy, I don't know what it looks like or how ot identify it. maybe I'm just lucky. just in case though, I have those first aid poison ivy/oak wipes in my FAK. the main issue for me is bugs. it seem to be a super magnet for them. some just annoy me. some bite me, others hang on to me and results in getting bugs in the car that stay in there and keep biting me for weeks after. some bites I get a bad reaction off and I get sick and it swells up massively and the spot gets really hot. might be allergic to some bug bites. I wish they're bring back DDT and bomb the woods, kill all the bugs.
  4. I play in some variation of jeans an tshirt. my style is low budget ironically my guns are not low budget. gas guns aren't cheap. I'm just not very good with what gear I should get. never really been interested in tactical gear and don't want to buy lots of gear only ot find out it doesn't work in the field, it results in money wasted. I am heading towards high speed low drag, minimize things I figure I'd have one ultimate gas gun (huge mag capacity, huge gas capacity) and a pistol plus two mags for shots under the minimum engagement distance. that would keep what I need to carry and my gear to an absolute minimum. unfortunately they haven't made gas guns like that for 20 years... looking at MGC Calico since it holds like 1000 BBs and has enough gas to shoot at least 300 times, but with only 350 fps with .2 it might suck. it;s also semiauto only, my finger might get tired. Highlander Magnum might be perfect- its got the range, magazine capacity, gas capacity, fps, accuracy, but 3 grand is too much! (by 500 bucks) if I could find the perfect airsoft gas gun I wouldn't need my M4 or sniper and it'll really simplify my loadouts.
  5. I'd rather buy one. 5mW isn't too much power, right? could it blind someone? there's always these stickers on them saying eye exposure would result in blindness. Don't want to blind anyone... My electronics skill is not so great anyway. The other issue is that it would have to be zeroed so where the dot is at 30 feet is where the BB hits. I can probably tear down a $10 green laser pen and make a new housing for it, run it off a cr123 or 18650 battery but making so it can be aimed accurately and not easily bumped off zero is probably more trouble than it's worth. Red's alot cheaper for weapon mounted but red is sometimes hard to spot in daylight or on a light background. green is brighter (to the human eye) and has the added cool effect of being visible in low light conditions.
  6. I've been storing airsoft replicas in my gun safe next to my real gun collection. There's no real humidity issues where I live but just a precaution, I have silica gel packets (passive dehumidifier) in there so for the few humid days that happen nothing grows brown fuzz. Done it for several years now with no noticeable degradation to my airsoft guns. Perhaps it may even explain why my cheap 7 yo Cybergun GBB pistol has lasted this long with no problems! the rubber gaskets and rings are virtually brand new. Not all gun safes cost several hundred bucks. You can pick up a Stack On 8 Gun "Security Safe" for just over a hundred on amazon. (less elsewhere ,but shipping might be ridiculous) it's not fire resistant, it's just a steel cabinet resistant to smash & grab burglaries. If you have a airsoft gun collection worth at least a few hundred bucks and have other valuables lying around, why not get a safe? It's $60 more than the plastic hard case method, but it's more secure means to store valuables than a padlocked plastic case easily removed from your home. If you do get a safe, bolt it down! there's really no other reliable means to secure a safe. At least bolt it to the wall (stud, not drywall that anyone can kick in and break apart) if bolting into the floor is not an option. What is your home defense firearm doing useless, locked up in a safe? If you are prepared to use a firearm in home or self defense in the home, it would be prep failure to have to run to the safe, fumble with the key/combo and then dig around for your gun and a loaded magazine. I don't think this is a real issue for those who are actually prepared to use a firearm for emergencies.
  7. I play with all gas guns, I don't have the magazine capacity to compete with AEG's. Accuracy more important than ROF. I play in semi anyway. It's habit from real steel shooting. Aim Each Shot. If you spray you'll exhaust your ammo really really fast. FA's alot more controllable with airsoft but still... I prefer semi. I wish they'd make drum mags for GBB guns. GBB mags are so low cap compared to AEG mags it's hardly fair. I'm wondering if lasers are allowed in airsoft? If I could get a green laser for CQB then accuracy is easy. the BB goes where the green dot is. no more needing to use the sights to hit some guy's foot, arm or hand. Point, shoot. If lasers are allowed then I think mag capacity is important. There's virtually no airsoft gun so inaccurate you can't hit something at 30 feet. Drum mags would be awesome.
  8. do you still have the sporter wood stock set? I'd be interested in picking it up...
  9. I would love ot see an SKS airsoft gun that doesn't suck! I think as long as the receiver isn't usable with the real steel version it's legal everywhere in the USA. I'd love ot see one as close as possible to the real steel one I have, and able ot take regular SKS accessories such as the bolt cover/optics rail accessory that repairs the original factory bolt cover, and detachable magazine hidden under the magazine release. (you'd release the magazine floor plate to remove the magazine) It would be great of it could be made of steel, or at least machine out of aluminum like 6061- what scopes are made of. please keep flimsy plastic and defect-ridden pot metal to a minimum... if it's solid plastic like what glock frames or quality pot metal like hi point slide, I wouldn't really mind. I think the stock would be able to hide a 88 gram co2 cartridge in the buttstock, where the real steel version hides the cleaning kit. The stock might be a little fatter than normal, doubt anyone's gonna notice. with the two SKS's I've owned I've always felt the stocks are too thin and could be thicker, beefier. it's not much, 1/16" of an inch wider makes a big difference. ps, once shot a full auto SKS... total waste of ammo! first shot on target, rest someplace over the berm... luckily we're out in the desert where over the berm is just dirt and dead brush.
  10. I dunno about that, school didn't teach physics. my chrono didn't report any changes in fps. my gun shoots 295-315 normally, and it was still shooting 295-315 with it being used to "hammer" my hand away.
  11. I just added 2 more gas guns to my airsoft arsenal, got some data on gas consumption at the range but haven't played with them yet. Well anyway, gas consumption: Cybergun Sigma sw40f - CO2 - 160 shots per 12 gram cartridge. This is my oldest and still working airsoft gun. it's fired tens of thousands of times, it's gone thru alot of games, never any problems. It shoots straight and good to about 100 feet, high capacity 39+1, very consistent gas usage and performance, not bad for $50 pistol! In the manual it said it uses 150-175 shots per co2 cartridge, in my experience it's always been around 160 shots. Very rarely I ever shoot that many in a game so often times I'd leave it loaded for a week until next weekend's game. KWA KMP-9 - Green Gas - 2 mags per fill Owned it for about a year, its a great gun. loud, turns heads everywhere I go (even out in the desert shot alongside real guns). Very efficient gas usage, each mag is 48 BBs. I'm still on the same can of green gas from last year, when I bought the gun! I've shot quite a bit, probably 20 mags or so, and I barely used 1/4 of the can! I didn't see much gas consumption difference between cold weather and hot weather play, hot weather (90+) I'd get up to about 3 mags per fill. It doesn't take much gas to fill the mag. I shoot semiauto pretty much all the time, someone who shoots FA all the time will probably use more gas. I planned on switching to propane after KWA's 45 day warranty expired, but I just forgot to do that. I have the adapter, but I haven't shot propane yet. KWA LM4 PTR - Green Gas - 1? mag per fill Owned it for a week. Not really enough time to get much info about gas consumption, but so far it's blazing thru my can of Green Gas. For sure, a full charge of gas will last a mag, but not two mags. it also uses significantly more gas than the MP9 per fill. I'm estimating 3-4 time more gas use than the MP9 to fill a mag... It uses so much gas! Other issue is gas inconsistency, rapid fire and FPS goes down quick. the MP9 doesn't have this issue. I'm very sure that I'm gonna start using propane before this gun's warranty is up! Other than that, awesome gun. Professional Training Model? they're not kidding. I was wondering how to disassemble the gun and a youtube AR15 disassembly was spot-on accurate. This rifle is awesome. Makes me wonder why did I want an AR15 anyway. Airsoft does it all, and unlike real steel, no ammo troubles! KJW M700 - Green Gas - 3+ mags per fill Owned it for 3 days. Didn't even plan on picking up a gas sniper, it just sorta... happened. My MB03 spring sniper was in trouble, took I it to Evike, tech estimated $70 to fix it. At that point I had probably 3X the gun's msrp in repairs and upgrades and honestly it was just a black hole for my money. I just bought a new gun instead and hopefully have better luck. Happy with this new gun. Aside from some disappointments in it's construction (pot metal, cheap aluminum and flimsy barrel) it shoots fast, flat and consistent. the only issue is if I cycle the bolt too fast (rapid bolt manipulation) it'll misfire. I tried getting a count on how many mags per fill, it doesn't take much to fill the mag and it lasts a really long time. Big help is probably that each mag only holds 10 shots... of course one charge of gas lasts forever! ps, a little disappointed in construction with the M4 too. they said it's all aluminum. I assumed machined. upon closer inspection &lt;AT&gt; home, it's cast. with a cheap two-part die cast upper. huge difference, machined tends to be more flexible, if a part is stressed it'll bend. cast metal is brittle. if a part is stressed it'll snap like a glass rod. quite concerned about accidentally snapping the barrel, it doesn't take much to break cast metal. Such as falling off a table, landing barrel first to hard pavement.
  12. I tried it with my GBB pistol, it does not affect cycling, you will not improve your FPS, and your hand will just be blasted backwards with the slide. If your gun is a co2 blowback, the action is so forceful you can probably use it as an automatic hammer. lol It's amazing how much power GBB pistols got. I can put my palm against the back, and try to stop it from cycling, and either my palm will be forced back by the slide or my other hand (and gun) will be forced forward! It's not a powerful gun, shoots 295-315 with .20 bbs. plastic parts, cybergun pistol. I don't have a green gas pistol so dunno about green gas, but it's probably no less powerful.
  13. It takes me forever to reload, because I have gas guns. it's one of the big downsides- expensive, fragile, low capacity magazines and you have to be careful not to drop them or loose any. I use a dump pouch, magazines too expensive to drop in dirt and too fragile to survive the drop! it really tacks on reloading times. I average 5-8 seconds. but that's only airsoft. with real steel: - magazine fed guns in a second or less, clip guns under 2 seconds and single shot under 5 seconds. - I reload when empty - things hit the floor - support hand on magazine same time as other hand drops magazine. when magazine is firmly seated support hand operates slide. you've never seen a faster reload in your life! I practice firearms handling almost every single day. I'm not sure why, it's not nessecary but I feel safer. I visit the range every 2 weeks to maintain a basic level of proficiency. I run tactical drills every 3 months or so, like airsoft reloading. tactical drills focus on proficiency in a high stress situation and speed for 3-gun competitions which I currently do not participate in, but interested in trying out. I normally retain my clips and the single shot's brass, only during tactical drills I will drop them in the dirt. they're small, easily lost and some are difficult or costly to replace.
  14. accuracy, semi only, and 5-15 BBs only because I tend ot forget that airsoft BBs don't fly as far or accurately as real bullets, I often engage at distances few guns can hit. but I still make kills. lobbing BBs. if my gun was more accurate I'd shoot one BB per kill, I hate wasting ammo. a missed shot is a wasted shot, a shot more than nessecary is a wasted shot. it's only recently that I started to feel this way, all my friend think I'm like super stingy but it's more of a carry over from my other hobby where I load every round I shoot, it's slow and I devote a huge amount of effort to it. a wasted shot or shot more than nessecary is like wasting my money, time and life. Everything is finite, I'd rather not use any more than absolutely nessecary.
  15. for all kinds a of reasons... my gas pistol is because at the time I was 18 and couldn't buy a real handgun (or ammo) my spring sniper was because I needed a airsoft gun to play airsoft my KWA SMG was because The Tec-9 is illegal in California (I'm still determined ot get one though, come hell or high water, I will get a tec-9, even if I had ot machine the receiver myself!) and my most recent purchase, KWA LM4 because of Obama. I was supposed to pick up a Del Ton Sporter AR15 rifle instead, but clearly that's not happening! Can't even find ammo. I'm currently looking to upgrade my LM4 to some kind of DMR or sniper, or buy a sniper gun because my spring sniper sucks. And it's also Feinstein's and Obama's fault.
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