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    -C-Tac VSR-10 (upgraded spring, cylinder, spring guide, bucking, piston sear, trigger sear, left-handed bolt, as well as the typical shim/tape/barrel spacer mods) -KJW 1911 MEU (KP-07) Beautiful gun. No complaints, not even one thing I can think of that isn't above the standard for GBBs.
  1. All right, I ordered an ice er-hop kit and some .36's... It'll be interesting to see the results.
  2. I'm assuming that's with .43's or something similar...
  3. Do you need to do any modifications besides cutting the hop window?...
  4. What's the next best besides ER hop? Or is there a special chamber available?
  5. Alright... I'll give .3's or .36's a try, as well as R-hop. Also, would it help to cut out the "hop-up arm hole" in the barrel a bit to fit a longer hop-up nub? http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/style_em.../a-confused.gif
  6. Hi guys... So, my VSR-10 is hitting about 180 ft of effective range. What bugs me is that I hear of guys getting their rifles out to 300 ft effective range with no higher velocity than mine and most of the same upgrades/mods: I have upgraded the spring to a 150 (keeping it under 500 fps), with aluminum spring guide and piston, a better-fitting O-ring, all the typical teflon mods, a Firefly hard bucking, shimmed hop arm and box, and I have tried an LRB as well. I'm using .28 bbs. So: am I expecting too much range out of my gun? If not, what am I missing? Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  7. What about these? Well L96 Well VSR-10 Well VSR-10 702 Custom
  8. Actually I find I get a lot more answers and advice from you guys. All they ever say is 'wait till your age verified'.
  9. Wow! Airsoft snipers and gbb pistols are so cheap in the States... but you have to remember I live in Canada. (Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but if you want to pay airsoft you're going to have to pay a bit extra.) So basically those ones in the list I posted are the only ones I can choose from.
  10. Is UTG really that good?
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and also fairly new to airsoft, so let me know if I put this in the wrong place! I'm considering purchasing a sniper, but I live in Canada so my options are very limited... This list shows ALL of the snipers I can get in Canada for under $900 . If any of you guys have any experience with these guns or any advice then that would be great! I'm just not sure which brand is best, etc. Here's the list: A&K Dragunov SVD A.C.M. L96 M03 A.C.M. VSR-10 Light Weight Bravo NDM 86 SVD Bravo BV3 VSR-10 Classic Army M42 Echo1 ASR Echo1 M28 Mauser L96 Mauser SR Mauser SR Pro Well MB01
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