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  1. Looking for another VFC M4 upper receiver I can't seem to find any, anywhere. if you have one please PM me or if you know where I can find one that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Like it says im looking for the body of a M16 DMR or a broken SR25. I want this to put my P* into. PM me with what you have and I will let you know if its what im looking for. Body must but in good condition.
  3. Found one, moderators can close this thread
  4. Title says it all, just looking for a foam filled silence for my P*
  5. Title says it all, I'm just looking for a G&P/VFC metal M4 upper receiver in decent shape. If you have a whole upper let me know and I'll see if it's one I'm looking to use.
  6. interested in a ICS SR-16? works and will sell for $100
  7. I have a ICS SR-16 I'll sell for $100, this gun works and its not falling apart and shoots, and a broken G&G M14, pm me about the M14 if you want a better description of whats wrong, and then if you want it make me an offer,
  8. yeah it takes a little getting used to but once you do its almost easier then using a two sight system, or even a red dot. but that may just be me.
  9. yeah way, so that is why I have a HK416 because my other guns were down and I recently got my ICS SR-16 shooting good but I jst don't need it so I will try to sell that, plus I need money for that fusion engine, lol
  10. Well, the G36 was stolen, so I don't have it anymore I took it to a war with some of my friends on some different area and it got stolen.
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