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  1. Get the Leapers 3-9x50 scope, it's only 50 dollars and it has mil dots, red and green reticule lighting, locking turrets, and sunshade and covers. It's a nice scope I must say, it's worth it!
  2. Hi, I'm new here, but I would like some help on upgrading my gun. I'm trying to reach that 300 foot mark with fairly good accuracy. I own a well mb08 with a madbull 6.03mm tbb, pdi hop up chamber for type 96, and a madbull shark accelerator bucking with the fishbone spacer, and also I use 30.g bbs. I've also done some DIY barrel spacers and teflon taped some key areas like my hopup bucking and barrel, and my cylinder head. Recently, my triggerbox broke, I was still using the stock one, and decided that its time to get some upgrades. So im stuck. I've Figured I have four options, get an Airsoft gi triggerbox with the reinforced sears, buy a metal triggerbox and put pdi sears in, buy a pdi v trigger, or buy a zero trigger. I've heard the zero triggers have no easily replaceable parts plus they're expensive, vs the v trigger has parts available. Also, I don't know how much new sears only will hold up to a higher powered spring. Which option would be better, but I'm liking the v trigger, can it hold up to high powered springs? Lastly, I'm lost on the power area. What are some options that could help me reach the 300' shot with out being super expensive. Like what power of spring, type of spring guides, pistons, etc. I'm kind of on a budget :/. Many thanks to anyone who can help me out!
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