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  1. Sold items Box of Stuff WE single stack mag Chronograph ICS Body/Gearbox Stuff available: WE PDW - $100 Shipped WE Mag parts - $70 shipped Hi capa Mags - $10 each, $18 for both Glock Mag - $10 NcStar Scope - $45
  2. MOAR PRICE DROPS (on PDW and mags) Stuff Sold: Box of Stuff WE single stack mag Chronograph Stuff available: WE PDW - $110 Shipped WE Mag parts - $70 shipped ICS Body/Gearbox- $45 Hi capa Mags - $10 each, $18 for both Glock Mag - $10 NcStar Scope - $45
  3. First off all prices are FIRM Paypal is king - whoever gets me paypal first gets the item, I will not hold anything All items will be shipped via USPS and prices reflect CONUS shipping Everything is sold as is Now onto the sale Box of stuff, Everything for $35 shipped - noteworthy things are the serpa platform, bipod, MP7 holster, and all the AK mags WE PDW (GUN ONLY) - shoots just fine, I've completely forgotten what I put in there but it cycles extremely smoothly and works like a charm. Will come with the extra parts pictures as well as a long barrel conversion. - $120 shipped Tons of WE Magazines, most leak however just needs a little TLC 8 mags for parts. Can probably get 5-6 non leaky working mags with a little work $80 shipped (WILL NOT PART OUT) Take both for $190 shipped NCstar scope, hardly any blemishes and comes with scope rings, used mostly on a VSR - 10, will need a riser for AR platforms - $100 brand new - $45 SHIPPED ICS body and gearbox - wires are a bit messy as seen in pic, needs a new piston and a motor. Also missing the screws to attach the stock to the stock base but some replacements can easily be sourced at Home Depot - Everything for $45 shipped from top to bottom KWA glock mag - holds gas fine - $10 shipped single stack WE mag holds gas - $8 shipped KJW double stack Hi capa mag - $10 shipped each or $28 for both xcortech chrono - $45 shipped works fine, little dusty
  4. Well, I've decided its time to sell my one and only Noveske P* Rules: NO TRADES PAYPAL ONLY SHIPPING IS CONUS ONLY LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED NO PART OUTS and lastly NO TRADES I purchased this platform about one and a half years ago from another seller who barely used it and kept it in immaculate condition. I've used it in about 2 skirmishes and have only probably put about 4K rounds through it total. The accuracy on this platform with the Noveske upper is incredible, the combination of an Orga Magnus barrel, VFC hop up, G&P bucking and Low flow Poppet allows it to propel .28 gram bbs all the way out to 220 feet (measured w/ laser range finder) and still maintain a body sized grouping at only 380 fps. With a higher pressure and heavier bbs I wouldn't be surprised if it could reach out to 250ft. Accuracy on full auto is unparalleled as well, shooting laser beams of bbs in a perfectly straight lines. I've just checked all the seals and relubed them as well as of 5/2/2014 there are no leaks Here's a parts breakdown: Noveske Upper Receiver: VFC Upper (part of base gun) ACM Noveske 12" RIS -$60 Madbull Noveske 16" outer barrel $60 Madbull Noveske Amplifier - $30 Orga Magnus 6.23mm Widebore 455mm inner barrel -$90 G&P Bucking- $5 VFC Hop up unit (part of base gun) ACM Troy Front Iron Sight- $20 ACM Troy Rear Iron Sight - $40 ACM Eotech XPS - $60 Daniel Defense Upper Receiver: VFC Upper - $50 G&P Delta Ring - $20 REAL STEEL DANIEL DEFENSE CAR 7.0 RAIL - -$170 G&P 10.3" Outer Barrel - $20 Angry Gun 6.01mm 300mm inner barrel - $25 ProWin M4 Hopup unit - $30 Firefly Soft Hop Up Bucking - $15 ACM Peq box (nonfunctional) - $5 UTG Carry handle + Riser - $20 Lower: VFC Lower (part of base gun) V1 P* w/ V2 fcu - (V2 fcu - $100) Low flow poppet valve (Gold) - $40 SPEED adjustable trigger - $20 Red Nozzle - $20 What else is included: Amped Airsoft Firebase Regulator Rig - $175 3000PSI 48cu HPA tank (rehydro 2018) - $40 x3 Lonex Hi Caps Blue Nozzle Green Nozzle x2 7.4 850mah 20c Lipo ( fit perfectly in buffer tube) Overall its clear that I've invested over $1000 in PARTS alone once you add the base gun price in its roughly around $1500 total that I have spent on this platform. I'm asking $800 shipped for EVERYTHING OBO NO TRADES I would be will to sell the Daniel Defense Upper separately, PM for more info. If you meet my asking price I will also throw in a x3 magnifier and a 3-9-40mm Scope ($80 value)
  5. Pictures sort of defeat the purpose of everything since these are supposed to be considered "mystery boxes", but I'll upload one to give you guys a general idea of what to expect.
  6. Alright guys I have three large USPS boxes that I just grabbed some gear and threw it in then packaged up as mystery boxes. Each box contains at least one large article of gear (vest, chest rig, etc) and are definitely worth the amount you pay for them (FREE + shipping) I'm getting out of the sport and need to move everything out of my garage ASAP to make room for a new car. Price per box is $16 shipped (essentially free + shipping) Here's a picture of one of the boxes
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