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  1. Already got what I wanted, sorry bandana guy. Mods please close
  2. Looking for an ICS M4 as close to stock as possible since I will be replacing most of the internals. In other words, it does not have to work as long as the externals are in good shape and it has the split GB shell, maybe motor, hop up, and barrel. The cheaper the better Willing to spend $120 max
  3. Like the title says, looking for a FAL OSW, that's the version with the RIS and skeleton stock. Brand doesn't matter and doesn't even have to work but externals must be in good condition
  4. Like the title says, I'm looking for M4 complete receivers. Looking for KAC, Larue, VLTOR, Noveske, Skull frog, anything with a MUR upper. No Colt and no Magpul. Brand is not too important. PM me
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a CQB front end including: - outer barrel (10 inch I think) - front triangle sight - delta ring + handguard cap - matching length inner barrel + 1 piece hop up So basically the whole front end of a CQB M4 minus the handguard, and the inner barrel and hop up. Brand is not of too much importance. PM me :)
  6. Hey guys, Like the title says, I'm looking for a 14.8v lipo of decent C and mAh. I thought I would ask here before I hit HobbyKing. PM me with what you have :) Oh and before anybody gives a tech advice about how a 14.8v will blow up my gun, I don't particularly care. Let's say I'm crazy (trust me, I'm not) and let me do whatever I want to my gun
  7. What information are you looking for? It's not rocket science, you just need some practice. Start here http://www.filairsoft.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40944 The first page shows you the steps in pictures. The rest of the thread is an interesting read as well but take their advice with a grain of salt (especially when they talk about SystemA's winding design). I'm assuming you have a TPA goal already? If not then you have some more reading to do (start with the article I linked earlier , you don't have to understand filipino since some of the stuff is in English ). There is no real calculation you can do since there are too many variables, but the goal is to use the thickest wire you can use to reach your TPA. For instance, you can get about 18 TPA with 21 AWG wires (my experience), maybe a couple more. Also here are some motor TPA for reference: - ACM High Speed: 12 - ACM High Torque: 14 - JG Blue: 22 - Systema Magnum: 16 Other than that then, well good luck
  8. Like the title says, I need a motor, short or long doesn't matter. Specifically looking for G&P M120, VFC High Speed, Classic Army motors (or any motor that you know have between 16 to 20 TPA). I actually only need the armature so it doesn't have to have a pinion, end bell,... . The armature must be in working condition though (not burned or shorted) Willing to pay up to $15 shipped to Nashville, TN PM me :)
  9. I would worry about your tech skills first :P On a more serious note though, if you ask us if you could use 10:1 on 14.8v with an A2, you are not ready for that kind of build yet. Like everybody says, please go for something easier. Just my 2 cents But to answer your question, yes, you will get massive pre-engagement. I actually wanna see how the piston will strip in this case, or if the SC gears would give up too. lol
  10. Hey guys, It looks like I will be getting an AKS-74u after all :) Like the title says, I will need some upgrade parts for it, so I'm looking for: - short neo speed or torque motor. not looking to spend more than $20 here. it can be beat up, no pinion, no endbell, I only need the armature and the magnets - 7mm solid bushings. brand doesn't matter - AK long nozzle - M130 spring - maybe a fet if it is $10 shipped :) PM me with what you have
  11. Hey guys, Looking to get back into the sport so I'm looking for a gun style that I have never liked but am willing to give it a chance: AKs I'm particularly looking for a AKS-74U made by DBoys or CYMA. Willing to spend up to $100 or a little more if the upgrades you put in are worth it :) PM me with offers with list of parts if not stock
  12. look for "Dave Edo" from LA, CA on Facebook and ask him
  13. Like the title says, I'm looking for the Madbull JP Rifles CTR receivers. PM me
  14. Are you sure the variation of FPS is only 374 to 380? That's what I would look at first
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