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  1. Payment sent for #5 & #12
  2. If you paid as a gift, you are out of luck. Never pay as a gift unless you actually know the person. I have done hundreds of deals on PayPal and they will not help you with a gift. Technically you screwed PayPal because it was not a gift. Do you think they are going to help you out after you lied to avoid paying the fees. Sorry for the loss, but I smelled this scam a mile away.
  3. Chinese New years is happening until Monday. I would expect him to get back to you after then. Just an FYI since he mentioned it above.
  4. I may have missed it but price for the KWA 1911 package?
  5. Would like to pick up some M4 pads (40D) but you seem to be out.
  6. If only the body was black..... Oh well good luck.
  7. I think they are gone. Been a while since anythign has happened. Bought several things form them on EBay, and they are gone form there also. Sad to see, Had money in hand for some parts.
  8. Can't seem to add anything to the shiopping cart on your website.
  9. Awesome. I have bought lots of items, and their shipping is fast. I have been waiting for this to happen. Not only are the prices better (hard to believe), but I can help keep money out of Ebay's pocket. talk about a Win - Win
  10. Open up the top reciever and if KWA is engraved on the side of the gear box then it is a 2GX. Other way to tell is if they are all 9mm bearings. Old ones have 4 8mm and 2 9mm.
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