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  1. My friends and I have been playing airsoft for 3+ years each.
  2. My parents and I are looking to buy 122 acres of land and turning it into an airsoft field. My friends and I are all around 15-17 and we are going to be marshalls. Although we are younger, we are very mature and take the game seriously. I understand that the game is technically 18+ but I would like opinions on how old a ref/marshall should be.
  3. Guys, I need a TM 1911 MEU or Night Warrior, but I only have $100. May be able to throw something else in but probably not. If you have one, it would be nice if it is in 100% condition and as long as it comes with a mag, it's fine.
  4. Gently used PNY Nvidia Geforce GT 630 2GB Graphics card. Asking price is $70 OBO. Ask me if you would like pictures.
  5. I know a long shot by a billion miles, but if somebody is selling a TM 1911 MEU/Night Warrior/Hi-Capa for $70-90 I will buy it today or tomorrow.
  6. WTB: http://www.evike.com/products/28682/ I have $70. MUST BE FULL KIT AND IN 99%-100% CONDITION!
  7. I have a Flip Mino HD video camera that I want to get rid of. Also comes with a tripod that extends up to about 5 give or take feet. Price for entire package is $60 shipped. I cannot upload pictures, so PM me if you would like some.
  8. I know this is a long shot, but would you trade for a custom G&G Combat Machine M4?
  9. Bump, forgot it also comes with the limited edition Dead Rising 2.
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