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  1. You're actually not too bad with English, to be honest. I've seen people who can't understand it at all, trying to find work. It makes it difficult. You should be okay though, as long as you understand the language enough to understand the job.
  2. I would agree, the whole huge issue about it is a big smokescreen, but it still is an issue to be worried about. They do this kind of crap every time they want to cover something up. Look at when they implemented the PATRIOT act and other items that removed civil liberties. It was all under the guise of homeland defense, at a time when everyone was worried about that to no end.
  3. Good point. But is there any guide I can get for popping that piece out? I don't want to mess up my gun.
  4. Well, you mentioned an aftermarket spring for it. Is one available? I'd rather not have to custom make something and have it fail later as of being too weak or just being stretched out.
  5. Could you possibly show pictures? I've never messed around with my mag release. The only thing I've ever had to do is realign the leaf spring when it messed up a little bit.
  6. I have a KJW 1911 Tactical, and I find that the mag release is occasionally triggered by the holster I have, with light pressure. I was wondering if I could get a stronger mag release spring. Not a new holster (I use attachments on the front, so hard holsters are a no go), and not that weird thing that keeps you mags in, mostly because of looks. I'd like this because it should be simple and effective. Is there such a thing?
  7. It's not likely to do ARMA with good graphics, mostly for having a built in video card (they're normally pretty bad). You can get a better graphics card, and get it to run that. But for what it is, I'd say it's worth the money. By the way, that term (hybrid graphics) is very misleading. It is really just an onboard video chipset, which is far underpowered (they were new as of 2008, if you need a comparison). I'd say to get a good graphics card (around $100 and you'll beat those specifications). You might get it to run at that graphics level, but I'm not sure you could run too much else very well.
  8. Actually, it doesn't have a WWW as the beginning of the address. The server is simply pimpmygun (The WWW is actually the name of the terminal server, the one that you're trying to connect to. The other bits are the pathway. The stuff after the slash is the file. It's read backwards.)
  9. Actually, that is quite a bit more expensive. That's almost triple the price in some cases. You have to remember, some people like to maintain money for other purposes than airsoft. CYMA G18, a very common AEP: http://www.amazon.com/CYMA-Electric-Airsof...ywords=cyma+g18 You see, there is a significant difference in price.
  10. To a certain degree. You do want to be sure that it isn't breaking though. Or, you could just reduce the weight of non-essential parts (by swapping for plastic parts), such as the body, receiver, outer barrel, magazines, etc. I know for a fact that a good part of the weight on my rifle is in it's metal magazine, for example.
  11. I just stick with the stock parts. It's not broken, so why fix it? I get enough performance out of it, I don't need a minuscule increase from a new gearbox part.
  12. No, there is. Through all of human society there has been the idea of someone being faithful to their significant other, no matter who that is. It's always been consensual, within a species (I.e. Not Dogs), and between two people. And you're only using the "Slippery Slope" argument because you lack a fitting and logical argument. It's the last argument of a man with no ideas on where to turn.
  13. Wow, someone with a modicum of common sense. I didn't think I'd see that for a bit. I got a little tired of the debate there, but really, you make a good bit of sense. Just saying though, marriage isn't always religious. Marriage has existed far before Judeo-Christian beliefs. It existed with the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Mesopotamians, most of these existing before Christianity or Judaism, and most not barring homosexuality at all. The only reason homosexuality had been rare in marriages in earlier times was the idea that it was necessary to bear children. With overpopulation and changing views on the rearing of children, those types of marriages have become more common. They still did exist in Roman and Greek society though. Egyptian too. Too little is known about Mesopotamia to be certain on them however. Also, I do hold the belief that yes, it should be a two way door, as long as those things are supported by all people and not affecting everyone. I still believe that people getting health care or health plans through religious organizations should be able to get contraceptives and other things as it promotes societal well-being and is not opposed by the people seeking it. Other measures should also be noticed. Just because one belief says that they don't like something doesn't mean that all belief systems are that way. 1. I have never found a situation where it can harm another person. 2. Thank you, again, you have a modicum of common sense. But to put it more simply, let religious laws stay with religion, unless it can be proved that there is a significant negative impact to others because of the action governed against.
  14. But I'd expect better accuracy in details from that show. A lot of things they actually got right, to a good extent. But that's just excessively incorrect.
  15. No, I don't believe they're wrong, I was trying to give an example that would make more sense to him. I couldn't really think of anything where the other case is extreme enough to have the shock factor needed for the comparison. And interracial marriage wasn't legal until the late 1960's. Even then, it was difficult. Also, m99 is a bigot for being so incredibly hateful towards another group that has done nothing wrong truly.
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