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  1. I'm usually lucky to only play it during Summer break, Christmas break, and Spring break. Even then I'm lucky, as my friends don't usually want to airsoft for some odd reason. Other than that I do summer projects, school, stuff like that.
  2. Most people that snipe in airsoft do it for the role, rather than it's effectiveness. A certain majority of those players upgrade their rifles so they can get some kills so they don't feel like they played pretend with grown men for 5 hours.
  3. I generally undersell them, making them know their gear is bad without saying so. For example, I'd say "That crossdraw vest is good for you now, but if you want something that will be more convenient, I would get a plate carrier with mag pouches, a holster, and a dump bag. After all, you can customize MOLLE plate carriers!" My guess is saying something like that would give them a red light. http://lifehacker.com/5715912/how-to-plant...n-someones-mind
  4. Do we have ICS SIGs to talk about? Or is that an exception? ICS SIGs have gotten some pretty good reviews from what I've seen on the forums and such.
  5. Thanks for all the help. Say I need to ship something since I'm flying back to VA. Can they do this?
  6. I made a topic on this not too long ago-I'm going to San Francisco on vacation soon. A user mentioned Airsoft Extreme. I've heard some mixed things about them, but mostly positive reviews. I would like to know if anyone here has had an in-store experience, or maybe just an online experience.
  7. With no doubt in my mind I would recommend ICS to anyone over CYMA. CYMA's a fine company, don't get me wrong; but not as good as ICS.
  8. Metal is generally more durable, and gives it a more realistic feeling. However, plastic is lightweight, cheaper to buy, and it's paint doesn't scratch off as easily. Plastic is usually actually better to buy, unless you really do some rough play during airsoft. Metal is still good, though. I like realism.
  9. I would get an Echo 1 ASC and put a tight bore and maybe a new motor inside of it. Those aren't very hard upgrades.
  10. You could use it to your advantage and make a ghillie suit. Chances are your enemies are having just as much trouble finding you as you are them, unless they always use the towers and the towers are tall enough to see people through that brush. Then you might want to consider getting a point man. Then you could check the towers for bogies and he could be looking through the brush. Just a couple suggestions.
  11. You will not be at a disadvantage when using gas rifles. It's a lot cheaper and better using AEGs in a skirmish. Gas rifles use green gas, which is not cheap. Plus their magazines usually hold only about 30-45 rounds. AEGs can hold anywhere from 200-500 rounds in their high caps, and you only have to buy a couple of batteries. Also gas guns lose Feet Per Second every shot, considering the amount of gas each shot uses.
  12. WE made a G18 GBB. KWA has. Many companies have made 1911s. WE has. And there is a reason, WE generally has lower prices which beginners love. We still have the FN FAL, MP5s, and AUG that haven't been made.
  13. Kriss Vector GBB Five-Seven GBB M16VN GBB FN FAL GBB MP5N GBB MP5K GBB AUG GBB etc...
  14. I'm taking a trip to San Francisco soon, and am going to be bringing about $350 (AT LEAST) with me to get something airsoft-related. I'd like to know of the stores that are within an hour's drive of San Francisco. I'm planning so far on Dog Tag Airsoft.
  15. PM'd you about it. It's on Airsplat, in the link I included in the OP. I've decided to save my money for a shopping spree when I take a trip to San Francisco. Out here in Virginia where I live, there's virtually no official airsoft stores or fields. The only airsoft store is here. After browsing on their site for a little bit you'll know why I don't shop there.
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