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  1. Thanks for the replies guys - glen, I was never a fan of RIS/RAS stuff, but I always wanted to put a narrow fore grip on one. I had a TM G3A3 way back when and liked the feel of the narrow grip, just not its size - torpedo, where do you play? I'm originally form Ventura, used to play in Ventura, SB and Hillcrest? field at the 118 and 210. Despite all the shortcomings I still really like the series. All the guns I have had needed a little tweaking and repair here and there. - Baltimore, I really like your HK 53. I was considering the CA 53 for a while, but the too short front end and the short barrel length turn me off. Yours looks much better proportioned, it isn't for sale is it? How is the KA3 and yours wired to the front? Do the wires go back through the gearbox or just around it? I would definitely switch to Deans plugs, I have a ton for RC planes and Tamiya plugs are annoying. I figured the sliding stock for the KA3 is the same as the one for the MP5. I also like the look of the concave butt stock (G3A4). Do you have any pictures of your HK53 with the original CA33E front end? I would probably want to have that as an option too. So far it seems the best thing to do would be to get a CA33E and buy aftermarket parts or buy a KA3 if the store has an extra front end or I can find one.
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum but not new to airsoft. Back in 2004 - 2006 I played every weekend I could during the summers or whenever I was at home. The one thing I regret from that time is never getting the CA33E as I really like the HK33. I got distracted by everything else and always told myself it would be next. I am thinking about getting back into airsoft, but much more casually than before, there are not too many close by fields. (Berkeley, CA) I would like some more info on the CA33E and CA33 KA3. I have read all the reviews I can on them. Some questions I have - I assume the CA33 KA3 has the same upper receiver as the CA33E. Can anybody confirm this? - Is the CA33 KA3 wired from the gearbox to the back, then wired to the front like the CA53? Or is it wired directly to the front hand guard? - I always read the tabs on the CA33E are weak and prone to breaking, at least in all the reviews which are from 2006 and before. Has CA updated the design? - I have searched everywhere to find the front end of the CA33E as a part, does anybody know where I can get one? - Is the hopup in the KA3 like that of the CA53 or that of the CA33E? Basically what I am going for is a HK 33 with a navy style selector (http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/bmz_cache/4/4cf534c2dc915c6815cb4d07034093e2.image.525x393.jpg), and the option to use both retractable/folding and solid stocks. I also want the front of the barrel to extend past the front sight like that of the CA33E, not the KA3. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it
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