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  1. Surprise surprise. Talked to a friend last night and he has one of the replicas I've been looking for. THis can be deleted. Thanks for the responses and help everyone.
  2. Oh definitely. I was hoping to get my hands on a guarder replica if possible just because I'm unemployed and perpetually broke. hah.
  3. Thanks. Would actually fit my fat , however, my wallet is is lacking in stature.
  4. No, thanks. Looking to put together an early 90s Ranger impression for Lionclaws. Thanks, though.
  5. There are many. Check out airsoftpacific.com
  6. I'm looking to pick up an RBA in woodland if anyone has one available. Seems all replicas have been discontinued and everyone is out of stock. 10 years ago it seemed everyone had them, now that I need one I can't find one! Thanks for looking!
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