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  1. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    Best Pics from last weekends game
  2. Just trying to blend in and look good :p
  3. thats prty sweet if only they could come out with those shoulder rails already I want to mount a camera on that!
  4. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    Been awhile so UPDATE! New Gear: -That hood is home made sorry can't tell you where to buy it -Lancer tactical body "armor" -MERRELL MOAB Ventilators
  5. Inspired off the ghost scout (multiplayer) Thoughts?
  6. I may not be coping the game to the T but I am doing my own ghost recon loadout, seems to be what the guys in the game did person to person.
  7. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    Rifleman loadout
  8. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    NO pics just videos. 1st attempt at a support gunner loadout so please comments would be awesome!
  9. Just thought I would start a thread of anyone bored and looking to watch some game play footage. from this weekend: filmed on gopro 2
  10. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    Just my loadout for this weekends game More so in the woods so full over whites are not as useful, in open field is where full white suit works best.
  11. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    ARES KAC Stoner 96 LMG & Pantac 1961a teaser for new loadouts coming soon!
  12. So looking at a chest rig that could be a good once for a support gunner role that would be light weight and set up well. I came around to the Pantac 1961 rig, it looks solid and well set up. I now have a question would the large pouches on the side be able to hold the Ares 1100 rnd mags or similar size. and the mag or like this (same size as the stoner mag, this is not a stoner mag though!)
  13. Anyone have some pictures of a support gunner load-out? A good one? I cant seem to find many ideas of a battle belt set up. I just acquired an Ares Stoner 96 so I should be golden in that category but I am in need of setting up a lighter weight rig, also I will need SAW pouches I have a spare mag for this as well coming.
  14. Arctic Ghost? I think this will do till Snow A-tacs
  15. CFI

    CFI's loadouts

    So good snow fall and blizzardy Conditions make great photo opportunities!!
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